Experimental Friday; Cosmopolis wallpaper

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Happy Friday all!!  Perhaps you’re wondering why there are no edits this Friday??  Well, you get bonus points if you are. LOL  I just need to change things around a little for the time being.  Real life is getting in the way and so to allow me some time to work on Rob 😉 I’m hoping to keep posts to just a Friday and see how it goes.  So you may get a wallpaper, you may get edits….hopefully you won’t get nothing.  LOL  I have too much fun with this so you’re stuck with me for now!!  😉

So the above is my attempt at a Cosmopolis poster/billboard kind of thing – just me dreaming. 😉  I can NOT wait for this movie – just wow!!  33 seconds worth of teaser trailer and mind blown.  Can’t wait for more.  Eric will be EPIC!!!!  😉  I hope you enjoy the above – it’s based on an edit I did previously.

I listen to a lot of music while I’m working on these things and also use songs for my inspiration/creating moods so I thought I’d share with you my Eric Packer/Cosmopolis playlist.  I’ll probably continue to add to it and heck, if you know of any songs you love which have an Eric vibe going on I’d love to hear about them.  Always interested in new music/artists/whatever!!  🙂  Find me here or twitter.  I don’t bite.  🙂  Oh and there will be a requests post….announcement here later today.  Just trying to mix things up a little 😉

Inspiration for Eric playlist <here>

*edit* Forgot to say the tagline is just me messing around – his day spiralled so far into hell….

19 comments on “Experimental Friday; Cosmopolis wallpaper”

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  2. You hit the bullseye with this, Jules! (get it? bc he says aim and fire)

  3. You are correct bb. It was 33 sec of HoorBliss. The Packer Swagger was jaw-dropping delicious. I too, cannot wait for this movie, and Bel Ami as well.

    No worries with RL, I am happy with anything you provide. Work is trying to kick my butt and it is almost winning. Just this week in only 4 days, I have worked 56 hours. I am figuring at the end of my day, it will be around 68 hours in 5 days. I am just about running on fumes. So much to do at home on the weekends, but tomorrow I may rest in my recliner and reboot my system. I may just decide to still be in my pj’s all day.

    Oh I hadn’t even thought about the song Come Undone by Duran Duran. Good fit !!

    Now to listen to the rest of your Packer Playlist.

    • LOL! 33 seconds of HoorBliss – love it. And mmm yeah, I was determined to get the Packer Swagger in here somehow!! I screencapped that bad boy myself. LOL Took one for the team and all that….
      Holy hell I can’t believe the hours you’re having to work bb – that’s insane!! I hope things settle down for you very soon. Good luck with everything and I really hope you managed to chill out today. 🙂 Packer Playlist – I love that name 😉 Thanks as always for your comments. *mwah*

  4. Unbelievable, Jules ~ this incredible wallpaper AND a playlist too! We are so spoilt! Just gotta find the time to listen to it, but it looks fabulous! I hate when RL gets in the way of our Rob time, it’s just all kinds of WRONG! ( I’ve started an email to you 3 days ago….it’s sitting unfinished in ‘drafts’ …..hope to finish it over the weekend!) Seriously, you should send this to the Cosmopolis site, or Cronenberg, or somewhere ~ it deserves to been seen by everyone!

    As for your awesome idea over on RPAU ~ this is genius! I’m not sure I could actually choose a photo ~ we’ve been blessed with so many beautiful photos of Rob over the years ….. but I know whatever you touch with your magic, will leave us smiling… Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Sue! *waves* Oh thank you so much – I’m thrilled you enjoyed this one!! You are very kind as usual! Thank you. 🙂 LOL no worries re the email – I am like that too. Always lovely to hear from you anyway! Hope you’re having a good weekend. Take care. 🙂

  5. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!! The composition, choice of pics, monochromatic color chosen, it is a “réussite” and it is now my new portable wallpaper 🙂 Jules so many things to say and so little time today ! I too have an e-mail (in my head !) waiting to be send to you LOL. Yep, RL does get in the way ;-b . But I do want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for your beautiful *everything you do with Rob* art, yes we are spoiled, I’m going to listen a bit to the playlist too. Jules, I just borrowed from work a new 2 DVD box set on Scotland (Scotland explored Weir’s way, 2011), this week-end I’m going to dream about your wonderful country 🙂 Take care Jules, and also I want to say Hi ! to the other girls writting here on your blog, love their humour. *friendly hugs from Montréal* 🙂

    • Hi Lynda! And thank you so very much for your lovely comment! wow, it really made me smile to hear you enjoyed the choice of pics and composition etc – I went through several versions before I settled on the above so it’s good to know it fits. 🙂 Oh I hope you enjoy that DVD box set. I look forward to hearing what you think when you have time. 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Take care. *hugs*

  6. This wallpaper is amazing! Such a great destop. 🙂 I need this movie in my life. Still proud for all the positive feedback Rob gets for his acting. Finally! I hope I see more like this in the future. 😉

    • Thank you SO much Syl, thrilled you enjoy this one too! 🙂 Oh yeah, it’s been fantastic reading the positive feedback about the teaser trailer, right? I can’t stop smiling when I think about it. 🙂 How amazing those 33 seconds were – I am still in awe of that whole trailer. 🙂 Can’t wait to see this movie that’s for sure! 🙂

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