Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits – NYC calling

Happy Friday lovelies.  Clicky on the thumbnail below for a closer look/download link.  Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating them. 🙂

Taking a little look back at the wonder that was Rob in NYC for the Water for Elephants première.  A few more experimental here  and a few of my usual playing with highlights/shadows.  🙂  Lyrics in edit 6 are from Birdy – ‘Shelter’ <youtube here>  Last edit is of course the EPIC Eric Packer and the teaser trailer for Cosmopolis which BLEW my freaking mind yesterday morning when I watched it at 5.30am.  Thank you M! 😉   Honestly, I’ve watched it so many times that when I close my eyes I can still see him play on a loop.  Blows me away.  Hats off to Rob and David Cronenberg – it looks stunning (major understatement!!) and I can’t wait for him.  🙂  (caps used from PattinsonLife)

Have a great day.xx

14 comments on “Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits – NYC calling”

  1. wonderul jules!
    What you sd abt the trailer how it blew you away and replayed on a loop? Me too!
    I love the pic you snagged of him in the limo over the girl. In the trailer (slo mo is the way
    to go) he opens his eyes and pulls them up to meet hers and as I saw that
    the 20th time I thought of how many times I’ve read of him doing that exact
    thing in FF. Nice visual for our reading now.

    Then there’s Juliette Binoche. This woman is my new hero–more
    than Uma or Kristen Scott Thomas.

    • Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed these and yes, yes, YES re the Cosmopolis trailer. I can’t stop watching – soooo amazing. I hear ya re Juliette Binoch – she’s my new hero too. 😉 Holy moly I can’t wait for this movie. 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. Good Morning Peeps! My first stop of the day. It is always a great way to get my juices flowing. *winks*

    WFE was my fav look of Rob’s so I spent many months in super bliss with lickin’ and savin’. But this is nothing new to anyone.

    Cosmopolis trailer?
    Let me repeat that!!!

    For those that think maybe Rob would not be a great Fifty because they haven’t seen the asshat, cocky side…….. With that trailer……OH YEA…..Rob = Fifty. Gimmie…..Gimmie…..Gimmie

    • Thanks so much and LOL that’s awesome to be your first stop of the day on a Friday – I’m honoured!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed these hon. And yes to the Cosmopolis trailer looking stunning – gimme gimme!! Can’t wait for this movie!!!! 🙂 Have a great week.

  3. that what i want to see something from his new Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer and how can we forgot the WFE premiere its was like this days last year what a great movie ………….thanks dear for this magic i know you will give us something unforgettably

  4. Oh, Jules. The premiere of WFE in NYC was my first time seeing Rob in person and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for taking me back to that moment in time with these gorgeous edits.

    And the Cosmopolis edit? Sexy as hell. This movie is going to be such a ride 😉

    • Thanks very much Lisa for your kind comment and I’m so thrilled for you that you have managed to meet him – and more than once! 🙂 Just amazing. Lucky you. 😉 Take care.

  5. My brain is still mush, thanks to that nice little teaser trailer …….I think it’s seriously messed with my head! Just when I thought waiting (impatiently) for Georges was starting to consume me, along comes Mr Packer and his swagger …..OMG his SWAGGER ….. and now I’m seriously crushing on Mr Cronenberg, genius that he is……

    Anyway, back to your gorgeous selection of edits, Jules ……Loved Rob in NYC ~ in fact anything to do with WFE makes my heart skip a beat or two. What a beautiful man ~ perfect word choice re “just overwhelm me” ….’coz that’s exactly what I feel when I look at these! Awesome edits, awesome memories of an awesome man ~ thanks so much, Jules!

    • LOL Sue – yeah, waiting for Georges and Eric is quite the killer combination!! 🙂 Wow – good luck with that. Although at this moment the UK doesn’t have a release for Cosmopolis so I’m kind of in countdown limbo here – although I’ve got Georges on bluray to work out. tee hee Thanks so much for your lovely comment again, I’m happy you enjoyed these edits. I agree, WFE Rob is wonderful and perfect. 🙂 Take care.

  6. Oh Jules ! Friday, I came here for a quick glance at your edits. When the page opened and I saw pic 7 my heart stopped for a second or 2… What is it with this MAN that makes me go grrrrr and miaow and all soft inside… Thanks for “playing” with him again and enhancing his Beauty with lights and shadows *sigh* 🙂 I read Cosmopolis, thought it was at the same time great and weird and it left me feeling unconfortable. In this very élite society of those indecent and insanely rich people who litteraly owned the world, I’m sure there is weird stuff going on, I mean when you already have everything your need, want, desire and more, what keeps you going ? I just can’t wait to see Rob in the movie, ( I did watch the teaser trailer many times too hé hé ) and as Juliette Binoche is one one my fav actress since her first movies, I’m thrilled 🙂 I’ve recently watched Being Human and TVD, and I do think, no, I feel, that Aidan Turner and Ian Somerhalder are pure sexy “beast” (mama mia, why so many handsome guys playing vampires, why ??? Oh, they too keep my hormones flowing like a river in the springtime !) but Rob… Rob, I don’t know if he knows, or believe, how much he is beautiful and sexy, but that “innocence” quality about him makes him even more attractive and addictive… I’m so fond of this guy, it’s ridiculous. Thanks again Jules for your wonderful edits, WFE-Cosmopolis Rob is just perfect. *friendly hugs from Montréal*

    • LOL Lynda – sounds like you’re kept busy with all your vampire guys 😉 Have fun!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, I’m glad you enjoyed these edits! I read Cosmopolis too and I have to say it’s a ride!! LOL He’s going to be amazing as Eric Packer – that trailer just confirmed why I’ve been looking forward to seeing him as this character. Super sexy and confident and all kinds of bad ass!! Bring. It. On!!!! Have a lovely week. Take care. *hugs*

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