Experimental Friday open for requests!


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and trying to work it out and have a little fun!  So here’s the deal: If you have a favourite Rob photo (good luck with that because I can never narrow it down LOL) you’d like enhanced/used in an edit please email this address (robertpattinsonau@gmail.com) with the photo(s).  This will be done through RPAustralia blog as this is a joint venture, I will of course post here too.   I’ll accept between 1 and 3 Rob photos to be used in your one edit and you can give me a favourite quote/lyric or colour you’d like used in there somehow too.  You can also just give me a favourite quote/lyric and leave it to me to do something with it in a Rob related way.  It’s totally up to you.  Deadline for sending things in will be Friday 6th April and if all goes to plan the edits will feature for Friday 20th April.  I’ll pick a maximum of 6 to work with depending on how many requests we get.  Anyone interested??

Please don’t be too specific in your requests because I guarantee it will lead to disappointment on your side.  Also, this isn’t something I can keep going back to tweak if you don’t like it – we are just doing this for fun, ok?  🙂  We’ll just see how it goes this time and take it from there.  There will be more posts like this down the line (time willing) if there’s interest.

Remember please don’t provide me with any non-work related photos and let’s just focus on Rob in all his glory – there’s plenty to choose from!!

And finally, please note that I can’t make Rob naked.  Just saying.  😉

Robert Pattinson Australia <– click for Rob awesomeness

4 comments on “Experimental Friday open for requests!”

  1. Ah, what a fun idea Jules ! I already know the pic-s I’d like to see you put your touch on ! Old one-s from 2008 ! See you on RobPat Austalia soon 🙂 Thank !

  2. That’s a nice idea. 🙂 I would say that you have to do something with BeachRob. XD

    • Thanks Syl! 🙂 Ah yes, BeachRob was a thing of beauty that’s for sure. 😀 Sadly since they are paparazzi photos (I’m assuming) I really don’t use their images – ever. Sorry. 🙂 Though it was so wonderful to see him laughing and enjoying himself on the beach. Best day ever!!!! Go Rob. 🙂

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