Experimental Friday; Water for Elephants edits

Happy Friday to you!!  🙂  So here’s a peak into my digital sketchbook….yeah – that’s what I’m calling it this week, LOL these are just bits and pieces of ideas – you know how I like to ‘experiment’. 😉 Who knows?  Some might grow and become desktops at a later date….!  Sizes are mostly 600×800.

I hope you enjoy the colorings and musings – all inspired by WFE and the fact I was able to get my copy this week.  *grins*  If I used song lyrics I’ve added the artist’s name under the thumbnail.  If you’re curious about anything – feel free to ask.  🙂

As always these are for personal use only – if posting elsewhere please link back/credit – I really appreciate it.  Thank you. 🙂

23 comments on “Experimental Friday; Water for Elephants edits”

  1. how u do it ?ever Friday u surprised us with this great job and today u made me cray from happens ,thanks (mwah)

  2. I’m really a fan of your work is very beautiful what you do! ^_^

  3. Friday is becoming my favourite day…I love your work *claps hands in appreciation*

  4. so glad you got your DVD. I’m not jealous I have to wait another 2 months at all!
    Friday is fun day here!!! Woo hoo!!! The first two in the series of pics are my favs. The one of his walking I adore for the pic and the quote. The bottom pic in the ‘It’s my decision’ one is striking and looks more like Tyler Hawkins so as far as I’m concerned it’s a twofer! Score!

    F*cktastic as usual!

    • I feel your pain re your DVD release – I can’t understand why you have to wait so long. 😦 I will probably have worn my copy out by the time you get your one. o.O But yay! you enjoyed these – thanks so much babe. I’m really glad you are enjoying the Friday posts. No clue what I’m doing next week yet. LOL Take care 🙂

  5. Digital sketchbook…brilliant! These edits are breathtaking, hon. I am very much enjoying the colorings and musings. Looking forward to some future desktops. 😉

    • Why thank you my lovely!! 🙂 You are too kind as always *I’m hugging you hard right now* I am working on some banners for you over the weekend *grins* Take care.xx

  6. There really are no words….. I have tears in my eyes after seeing all those WFE Beauties….

    Robowski & WFE has a special place in my heart, just like RM does! *sigh*

    Thanks for your great work, bb!

    • Aww, thank you so much for your amazing comment! 🙂 So thrilled you enjoy these babe, the pleasure was all mine believe me 😉 I agree, Robowski is just amazing!! thank you. xx

  7. You Are Not Alone is stunning Jules. It really takes my breathe away. I can’t make out the top line though. I’d love to know what it says and where it is from.
    I love what you have done with the Struggle too. Your work is inspired this week.

    • Hey Carmel – thank you so much! ❤ You asked about the You Are Not Alone edit – the lines are: 'Don't make plans based on other people. Wherever you're going you're probably going alone.' I'm not sure where it's from originally but it was a texture I downloaded a while ago. There are so many amazingly talented people out there creating 'art/graphics' and also sharing textures etc to use. The folks I'm aware of and download from I've put links in my 'resources' page. It's not up to date but I try my best! 🙂 Thanks again. xx

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  9. Thanks Jules. The quote is perfect. Perfect.

  10. Just one word to describe all of these … AMAZING Jules! ❤

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