Robert Pattinson desktop; Water for Elephants

The one where I celebrate the UK release of WFE

Click here to download size <1920×1200>

Click here to download size <1368×768>

So, ask me why I’m grinning from ear to ear – go on.  Yup, I am clutching my WFE bluray copy in my sweaty little hands – oh yes, for the UK at least the wait is finally over.  I apologise in advance to anyone reading this who still has to wait but seriously *fist pumps* I. Am. Freaking. Ecstatic. Oh sweet joy. *fondles bluray*

Anyhoo – to celebrate said release I’m throwing this week’s posts over to our guy Jacob, see above desktop and I’ll hopefully have a couple of edits with a WFE theme for Friday.  🙂   The above desktop was me trying to express just how well I thought Rob brought the character to life.   He embodied Jacob, lifting him right off the pages and making him so wonderful and real –  hence the words everywhere. o.O    I loved the book, LOVED it and seeing him take this character, breathe life in to him – was just a wonderful movie experience.   I could go on and on, and quite frequently do. o.O

Anyway, happy WFE UK day.  🙂  Hope you enjoy this. xx

13 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop; Water for Elephants”

  1. *pouts and stomps feet*
    Only 2 more months for us in the US. I agree. My fav Rob movie thus far !!

    Enjoy your bluray honey!

    • That totally sucks for you guys. I hate that the dates are so far apart. *sigh* Hang in there….he’s so worth the wait. I know we already know this….I just felt like stating the obvious tonight. 😉 Thanks for stopping by babe.

  2. Pouting and stomping my feet along with rdmickey. 😉 Is it November yet?

    Jules, your talent leaves me in awe with every new design. Beautiful man…beautiful wall! Enjoy the WFE blu-ray goodness, hon. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Suze – you’re amazing. 🙂 And seriously, I really don’t understand why you guys are being made to wait so freaking long. Not fair. I’d totally be pouting and stomping if I were you. *sigh* I’m off to fondle my bluray again. Sorry. o.O *hugs*

  3. oh………………..God this like haven to me

  4. Jules I was not joking when I said Summit should have used your skills for their posters. Your Jacobs are SPECTACULAR – that’s showing them what someone who has real talent can do with Photoshop!

    Goes off to ogle …

  5. Amazing!
    I have a new destop. 🙂

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