Bradley James | Damien: Through Hell’s Gates..

I don’t know what exactly it is about this show that has inspired me so much (although Bradley’s incredible performances every week were a major part of it!!) and made me want to push myself and experiment more.  I’ve just loved everything about it to be honest, such a great cast and intriguing stories and characters – I wish it had been given the chance for further seasons. (insert dramatic sigh here)  Anyway, back to my own experiments here, I’m not a good judge to whether things work but I enjoy it whenever I get the chance to experiment and express myself!  Here are another couple of edits from my growing Bradley/Damien folders 🙂 I’ve added YouTube links below to the songs used.  Clearly I think red and black works for Damien because I use the colour scheme a LOT!! I try and make myself go in a different direction but….so many unfinished/scrapped failures :p  Anyway, I hope you enjoy – thanks for stopping by. Once I get caught up in here with everything, I’m considering trying to create one edit for each episode – but we shall see how this goes! 🙂


Edit 1 lyrics: Somebody to die for – Hurts (click for YouTube link)

Edit 2 lyrics: Take it all – Ruelle (click for YouTube link)


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