Robert Pattinson 2015 calendar

Created for – for fun/personal use only.

NOT FOR SALE – as with all my creations, they are for fun and for personal use ONLY. Not for sale by anyone, please report if you see on ebay etc. Thank you.xx


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year – all the best for 2015.  Thanks so much for visiting my little part of the internet 🙂  I created a Rob calendar for and their visitors.  As with the previous version I’ve taken the ‘winning’ images from each month of RPAU’s 12 months of Rob votes and so this calendar is chosen by their visitors – I really hope you enjoy it. I wanted to change it a little from last year so there’s additional images used with the dates and I started adding in a few quotes here and there but I wasn’t sure if everyone would want these so there’s just a few this time. 😉  Let me know if you’d like anything changed for future though! 🙂

Click <HERE> to download from  Thank you.

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2 comments on “Robert Pattinson 2015 calendar”

  1. I looooovvve your calendars. I use them in my office every year! I could never make any suggestions about changing them; they’re perfect just as you create them! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them. I really appreciate the bit of brightness they bring to my office. 😀

  2. Dear Jules, I will borrow aGirl_aDroid’s words because she said it perfectly ! Except I don’t have an office at work, lol ! But it is on my computer when I open it, so it is very good too 😀 Thank you again for this beauty. I hope you spent a great hollidays with your loved ones and I wish you a very good year, with health, fun and friendship and lots of Rob 😉 *hugs from Montréal* xoxox

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