Robert Pattinson wallpaper: Inner Strength #TheRover


This tries to build on the Asian influence/themes in the The Rover, the symbols (according to Google) mean inner strength and ‘Life is Finite’ is the first line of a Chinese proverb which seemed to use the same symbols.  Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – I’m laying the blame firmly at google here for my research ;)  so apologies if incorrect.

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One comment on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper: Inner Strength #TheRover”

  1. Jules, I just discovered this one and it is an absolute BEAUTY ! Wow wow I love it so much! Despite the fact that the movie is quit “rough” this work or yours is very calming, zen like with your Japanese touch, I mean everything is perfect in the choice of pic/composition/colors, with the shadow under the “moon” and the forms in it by Rob’s side, you have made it complete and stable, I mean your really are a visual artist of Photoshop and I so wish you could get a job working for all Rob promo !!! If I had $$ I would have this one print in a huge poster style and use it to ornate a wall !! (maybe without the gun… :p ) Anyway it is Beautiful, we really are spoiled as said before, and now what am I to chose for my computer this month ? Cus it is competing with the january calendar ! I don’t have a printer, but I’ll try to print the calendar somewhere if it is not too expensive, because otherwise I’ll be torn all year lol ! 😉 Thanks, take care, *hugs again* xox

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