Robert Pattinson photo edits: Premiere France photoshoot

Robert Pattinson: A Work of Art


These are just a few experimental photo edits I created to celebrate the amazing photoshoot featured in the Cannes edition of Premiere France magazine.  Just an outstanding photoshoot, so creative – I love it.  Thank you to the photographer Danielle Levitt.  🙂


As usual these are all posted for RPAustralia fansite.  I’m hoping to make the above edit into a wallpaper too – in the near future!



2 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits: Premiere France photoshoot”

  1. Cannot WAIT for the wallpaper version of this edit. It’s amazing!! You’re amazing!! I’m so envious of your talent, but I’m soooo appreciative that you share it with us lesser mortals, heehee. 😀

    • aww thank you SO much my lovely 😀 You are too kind, I’m so glad you enjoy these though – they were a lot of fun to do. Hopefully won’t take me too long to do the wallpaper but Rob has a habit of distracting us all….May has been pretty freaking EPIC right? 🙂

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