Robert Pattinson wallpaper: The Rover reviews #2


So – Cannes2014 – best ever?? I can’t believe how incredible it’s been for Rob, beyond my best dreams – so SO happy for him (major understatement there).  So to begin my Cannes 2014 celebrations (and I’m sorry but there will be a LOT more to come!!) here’s a couple of wallpapers for The Rover which involve some of the more wonderful comments and reviews for the film and in particular Rob’s performance.  I think including at least one fantastic reviewer comment will have to become a regular feature for me 😉  We won’t say to folks, what took you so long – just high five them and say welcome to the club 🙂  OK, I’ll shut up – I hope you enjoy these.


Thank you.xx


3 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper: The Rover reviews #2”

  1. Stunning. Thank you! 😀

  2. […] anything like source within the wallpaper I’m afraid).  My previous review wallpapers are HERE and […]

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