Robert Pattinson wallpaper: The Rover reviews #1


So – Cannes2014 – best ever?? I can’t believe how incredible it’s been for Rob, beyond my best dreams – so SO happy for him (major understatement there).  So to begin my Cannes 2014 celebrations (and I’m sorry but there will be a LOT more to come!!) here’s a couple of wallpapers for The Rover which involve some of the more wonderful comments and reviews for the film and in particular Rob’s performance.  I think including at least one fantastic reviewer comment will have to become a regular feature for me 😉  We won’t say to folks, what took you so long – just high five them and say welcome to the club 🙂  OK, I’ll shut up – I hope you enjoy these.


Thank you.xx


5 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper: The Rover reviews #1”

  1. LOL! Great commentary, Jules. Our hands may be raw and red from all the upcoming high-fiving but it’ll be worth it! ;)Lovely edit by Jules. Yeah, we’ll just sit back on our bench in the Rob fandatorium and say we’ve been here for awhile now.

  2. Gorgeous. Thank you!

  3. […] This is the second of 2 versions of this wallpaper just because I couldn’t decide what to leave out with all the fantastic reviews circulating for David Michôd’s incredible new film.  I’ve added links below to the individual reviews for anyone who would like to check them out (I didn’t have room to add anything like source within the wallpaper I’m afraid).  My previous review wallpapers are HERE and HERE […]

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