Robert Pattinson wallpaper: you light me up


Click here to download – 1920×1200 size

I mentioned recently I would try to update here with more images I’ve posted for RPAustralia so here I am!  I adore this particular photo from the BD2 premiere and just had to use it.  My thought process doesn’t get much deeper than that I’m afraid 😉  I just added lots of light and some shadows to the main image before concentrating on the background and using colours I thought would complement the image. And textures – a lot of textures!

The lyrics used are ‘Light Me Up’ by Birdy  I’ve used her lyrics on a few things now, she’s fantastic. 🙂

Hope you enjoy 🙂



2 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper: you light me up”

  1. Wow ! love the textures 😀 as you know 😉
    It’s beautiful, so again, Bravo Jules !
    Ok that’s it for tonight, I’m back from work and so tired my brain is gone zzzzzzzzz
    good night/good day *hugs*

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