Robert Pattinson wallpaper – celebrating Queen of the Desert


Now that Rob is on location for his next project, quite possibly about to be on set….and our excitement reaches new levels….I thought I’d better finish this wallpaper version of the current RPAustralia banner.  Hope you enjoy it….and happy filming to all involved 🙂  To download – click here to go to RPAustralia or select from the thumbnails below.

The images used: Rob courtesy of Dior (I just love saying that ha!), Nicole – images from ‘Australia’ and ‘Cold Mountain’, planes & men on horses from the dvd cover & screenshots of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and lots of grunge textures, sand dunes etc via Stock.XCHNG

If you’d like to read more about the truly incredible life of Gertrude Bell, I highly recommend “Daughter of the Desert: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell” by Georgina Howell.  Fascinating. 🙂

10 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper – celebrating Queen of the Desert”

  1. When I crushed hard on Tom Cruise, Nicole was there acting with him and marrying him. When I was taken with the charisma of Ewan McGregor, Nicole was there singing and dancing with him. When I was fascinated by Jude Law, Nicole was there in Cold Mountain with him. When I asked ‘who’s this cute country singer who has better hair than me?” there was Nicole celebrating matrimony to Keith Urban. When I fancied the smile of The Zef, Nicole was there filming her cougar role in The Paperboy with him. And now…NOW….she’s going star alongside my obsession. You officially win at LIFE Nicole, well played.

    Wonderful wallpaper, Jules!

  2. Fantastic wallpaper Jules ~ Love it, thanks so much ;-D

  3. You always make the most beautiful wallpapers!! I love this one so much!!

  4. Utterly stunning. Thank you!

  5. Dear Jules, I am definitely at lost for new words to describe your art ! I mean, look at that ! 😀 The choice of the B&W pics for them, – he is sooo beautiful- the monochrome colors for the landscape, the composition – love her head that fit in with the mountains line, the other smaller caracter by their side that is kind of snuggled (?) under her arm, the writing lightly treaded in, the texture, oh my my, words in this second langage of mine aren’t as poetic as your w-p, but girl again you’ve made something so breathtaking ! Even if I was to stop loving Rob (!!!) I’d still love your wallpapers, I think you could make one about someone I don’t like and I’d still enjoy it, that says a lot ! 😀 (well, I’m not sure about our PM Harper 😛 ) I sincerely hope that one day THE MAN is going to see your art 🙂
    Yes indeed, you always make the most beautiful wallpapers ! Thank you 🙂 Take care xox *hugs*
    p.s. LOL @Kitt !!! So true 😀 And now, for my own “list”, she just need to play with Aidan Turner, Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy and why not add Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Jamie Campbell Bower ! LOL I think I’m really into British/Scottish/Irish actors… and these are the younger ones, I could go on with the others… *grin*

    • wow Lynda – thanks so SO much yet again for your amazing comment. Seriously, it’s me being lost for words to thank you appropriately! 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoy the results of my experiments 😉 It’s really so much fun to be able to share with such wonderful folks like yourself! Interesting list you have there too LOL One of these days I will surprise you with an actual email LOL Take care xox

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