RPAU Website banner; Maps to the Stars

I thought I should add this banner here since I’m kind of proud I managed to make fire!! 🙂  This was created specifically for robertpattinsonau.com (RPAustralia). My inspiration was the first official image for this new David Cronenberg film which featured the Hollywood hills on fire.  The images used are a mix of filming shots and existing photoshoots/film stills – just to try to tell my story here.

I hope you enjoy it.  It goes without saying I can’t wait for this film – it should be something special!! 🙂  The desktop wallpaper to compliment it can be found here. It wasn’t updated with filming images like this banner but you get the idea….


2 comments on “RPAU Website banner; Maps to the Stars”

  1. WOW, this is amazing!! *_*

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