Experimental photo edits; The Rover

Perhaps I like a challenge….it’s the only way to explain why I’ve tried to create more edits for The Rover when all we’ve had so far are a handful of grainy filming shots and one official photo 😉  And hey, that’s certainly not a complaint re images and lack there of – I’m thrilled this is all so under wraps and I’m looking forward to seeing more when those concerned are ready.  As it should always be. 🙂  I’m thinking we will see more soon though!  Everything crossed because suprise, surprise this is another Rob project I can not wait for!!  I am pretty sure his character (Rey) will break my heart – in the best possible ways.  Therein lies the inspiration for most of these….

I hope you enjoy these and if you haven’t had the chance to read RPAustralia’s fantastic report on the day they met David Michôd at Flickerlab, Sydney – do it now.  Just brilliant!! 🙂

Click the thumbnails to see the images.  Thanks. xx  These were originally posted at RPAustralia.

If you want to see my first batch of edits for The Rover, please click <here>

Lyrics used:

Birdy – “Shine”

Ed Sheeran – “I See Fire”


4 comments on “Experimental photo edits; The Rover”

  1. I love you; they’re beautiful. 😀

  2. Hummm… can’t remember if I ever told how beautiful your edits are !?! LOL ! I feel like a recording machine since I can’t seem to renew myself with english words, as the opposite for you, always coming with new stuff for our enjoyement 😀 Thank you Jules xox

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