Happy New Year: 2014 Robert Pattinson calendar

7 comments on “Happy New Year: 2014 Robert Pattinson calendar”

  1. Just amazing !
    I’m in love with EVERY month !!!

    You’re wonderful ♥

  2. I looooove this !!! Thank you so much Jules ! I’ve never been able to get my hands on a valid calendar of the year *happy dance* (It’s very late, going to bed, just had to tell you quickly 😀 ) xox

    • Hi Lynda *waves* 😀 I hope you are well, thanks SO much for your amazing comments as usual. I don’t deserve you 🙂 I’m really pleased you enjoy this calendar – I definitely enjoyed making it 😉 *hugs*

  3. Jules !!! I just saw via RPA (twitter on the side thing) your edit for The Rover : AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL !!!! Oh that really should be your job ! 😀 Hey Ho, Rob’s managers, we have THE Artist for THE Man here ! 😀
    On another topic, about the MTV Movie Brawl : first, Taylor Lautner still has a lot of fans, for that movie -Tracers- to win over The Hobbit ! Second, how come an original movie made by someone who gave us Animal Kingdom can be beaten by something as commercial as a TV serie adaption ??? (got to admit never saw it but still, where is the originality ? For whom the fans are voting ?) *Au secours* *Help*
    Well anyway, take care and have a great week-end (watch out for tendinitis LOL ) *hugs*

    • Hey Lynda – me again 😉 You are ahead of me with my posting here haha – I’ve just posted my latest The Rover edits now but I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed that last one!! And wow, seriously thank you for your kind words yet again – I really do appreciate them. 🙂 On to the topic of the movie brawl – ugh! I don’t know half of these films – I hope we can get both films through but it’s very difficult *sigh* LOL I’m off to vote some more, you take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. *big hugs*

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