Christmas Rob Icons – Happy Holidays..

So I offered to try to come up with a few Christmas Rob icons for RPAustralia ( and hopefully these will make you smile….or whatever 🙂   Please feel free to use any of them if you would like to – no pressure though!!  😉  They are all 200×200 and should fit in most applications but let me know if not! 😀   Happy weekend all!

If you’d like to use any of the above just click <HERE> to download from RPAustralia


3 comments on “Christmas Rob Icons – Happy Holidays..”

  1. Hello dear Jules !
    It’s been a while since I’ve commented but nonetheless I am enjoying tremendously your art ! 😀 I will definitely use one of them for my FB profile today, the difficult part is to choose one, so I’ll have to look at The Man again & again… *grin* I am currently going through your various post and edits and it is beautiful, as always. Thank you so much ! I hope you are well and if you have time to write to tell me about how it’s going for you I’ll be more then happy to read it 😀 I’m still very tired ( 5 days a week is a killer for me) but I’m taking 2 hollydays -little pay check but I don’t care !- so I’m going twice to my friend’s cottage in the wood 😀 I’ll leave the 31th in the morning for a week & then the 12th for another week ! Right now in Montréal (almost noon) it is snowing and cold, our first real winter -little- snowstorm. Good for winter sports. Take care dear Jules and Bravo for your art ! *hugs from Montréal*

  2. Hi again Jules ! I just wanted to add that I have chosen the one with the Ho Ho Ho for my FB, it is funny & colorful, and also we will have received almost a foot of snow in Montréal !!! Bye bye for now ! xox

    • Hi Lynda *waves* So lovely to hear from you – I’m glad all is ok. Good luck with your working week – I’ll write soon (sorry!). Thanks so much for your lovely comments – I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed these! Thank you for choosing one too 😀 xox

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