New Robert Pattinson wallpaper; the Details in Dior


TO DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER CLICK HERE (sizes 1920×1200 and 1368×768 available)

Anyone wishing to post elsewhere, please credit RPAustralia.  Thanks. 🙂

Ever since I heard Rob would be involved with Dior I’ve pictured this Details image as being pretty much perfect until we started getting those amazing new images 🙂  Real DiorRob is SO worth the wait!!  Anyway, I’ve had this on the back burner for a while, not sure what to do with it to complete but here he is now!!  I figured the only thing to improve this little fantasy was to have a sun-kissed beach and blue ocean in the background….you just have to picture the colours since it’s all B&W 😛  I hope you enjoy….

This whole thing was inspired by the first verse of Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’. Don’t try to work out why because I don’t even know myself LOL

thanks for stopping by.xx


3 comments on “New Robert Pattinson wallpaper; the Details in Dior”

  1. Stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, mind-blowing yet again, Jules. I love it. I ranted on RPAU so I won’t rant here! I’ll just add, wish they were MY legs …… for several reasons, all of which I’m sure you can figure out! LOL Thanks for sharing, I adore seeing your posts every time! Enjoy your week. Big hugs from Oz xxx

  2. Well. Well. Well. That pic has always been a delicious torture to us all. And I agree with Sue. If those were my legs, I would make sure a smile was permanently etched on his face. JS. Rawrrrr.
    Well done babe.

  3. I love it. Love the red text. I’m always running out of adjectives to describe your wallpapers, so I just use the same ones over and over. It’s gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and, and, and I LOVE YOU! 😀

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