Robert Pattinson; Dior photo edit collection

Hi! I hope this finds you all very well 🙂  I thought I’d take the chance to post all my Dior Rob photo edits here in one place, including the above banner for RPAustralia.  As with the banner, the edits were all created for posts I did at RPAustralia and if you’d like to view all of the images (not all are Dior, there’s a mix!) 🙂  just click <here> and <here>.  We’re about to start a Maps to the Stars celebration as filming is scheduled to start very soon and we wish Rob and all the cast and crew the best of luck with this new project.  It’s all very exciting….but I’m pretty sure I say that in every post 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All just a bit of fun 😉  Please credit RPAustralia if posting elsewhere.  I appreciate it.  xx


4 comments on “Robert Pattinson; Dior photo edit collection”

  1. Hi Jules ! Happened to just open my computer/email and ta da ! You’ve just posted something yééé 😀 Very good idea to have all the edits in one place, and I will say -again- that your Dior ads (and the banner) are so professionnal, sincerely, have you consider showing your portefolio to someone in the business ??? And yes we are so happy for Maps to the Stars aren’t we ? 😀 😀 Wish I could go to Toronto (same country but 5 hours drive non-stop…) and sneak a peek (is that how you say it in English ?) without being intrusive of course, not my style, but I LOVE movies so much, love to watch it done. And of course, a look at Rob wouldn’t hurt either 🙂 Hope you’re happy and well, have a good Monday morning/week dear Jules *hugs from sunny Montréal, enfin ! * xox 🙂

  2. Hi Lynda!! *waves* 😀 Thanks SO much for your kind words, I’m so pleased to hear you enjoy these too!! It really does mean a lot 🙂 I hope you are having a good week there, sending hugs. Thanks again for the lovely comment. Take care xox

  3. Simply gorgeous. Thank you!

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