Robert Pattinson edits; The Rover

Experimental Friday (these were all posted first over at RPAustralia)

Here’s a question: how many edits can you do with one official still and a few set pics??  Answer: not that many 🙂   tee hee  That isn’t a complaint by the way – I’d rather be surprised than have everything leaked, if you know what I mean? Anyway, I posted a few of these last week at RPAU but didn’t feel I had enough to post here – until now.  These are all inspired by The Rover and some more experimental than others, playing with textures and the like.  From the little I have seen of this film and production it just makes me even more excited for it and thrilled Rob got to work with David Michôd et al.  Here’s hoping for a 2013 release *fingers crossed*  I guess that’s one project filmed already – here’s to the next!!!!  😀  Exciting times (I really need a new vocabulary here….exciting is cropping up too much :D).  Song lyrics used are linked below.

Happy weekend all.xx

Maybe – Sick Puppies | Search & Destroy – 30 Seconds to Mars | Into the Wild – Lewis Watson | Sound of Silence – Kina Grannis | End of the World – Ingrid Michaelson

12 comments on “Robert Pattinson edits; The Rover”

  1. Gosh Jules… they should hire you to promote the movie! You’re a true artist!!! Roberta

  2. Jules, we are SO lucky that of all the muses in this world, you chose Rob. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and passion with us ~ these edits blow me away, especially considering the few pics you have re The Rover set. Amazing.

    • Hi Sue!! 😀 YOU are amazing for saying all that, thanks so much – you are too kind. I hope all is good with you, wishing you and your family a happy Easter weekend. xox

  3. Ouahou Jules ! Couldn’t agree more with Sue & Roberta ! 😀 Love them all. Thank you 😀 Short comment 2day, but I don’t think less of it 😀 And yes, exxxciting all these new projects with THE MAN (although I don’t clearly understand the expression “exciting is cropping up too much” LOL). Take care Jules, have a good Sunday -and week !- *hugs from Montréal* xox

    • Hi Lynda *waves* Thanks so much for your wonderful comment as always, I really appreciate it. 😀 I hope you have had a good week, time is flying by!! Wishing you a happy Easter weekend. take care. xox

  4. I just popped in from RPAU to say Happy Birthday, Jules. And may I also ditto Sue’s comment above. She was much more elequant that I would be


    I’m so glad to be able to offer you my best wishes for this special birthday (if I remember correctly)
    I wish you “a lot of Rob” too 😀
    Yes you are indeed VERY talented, and also from reading your posts and all, you have wit, intelligence, humour, humanity and warmth. I could have sent a personnal email but I want everybody to know all the good stuff I think about you dear Jules !!! It is always a pleasure to hear from you and marvel at your art.
    Have fun, celebrate a lot and take care !

    *sincere and friendly hugs from Montréal*

  6. […] If you want to see my first batch of edits for The Rover, please click <here> […]

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