Requests post – Rob wallpaper

Can I help? 🙂

Hello! Earlier last year I had a requests post here for Rob edits and I thought I’d open the requests up again but this time for a wallpaper of your choice.  I’ll be picking one request at random and so if you’d like to submit any Rob photos and/or quotes you can do it <HERE> through RPAustralia.  All the details are there too – deadline for sending things in will be Friday 25th January and it’s just for fun so if you want to take part best not to have any definite or specific ideas of what you’d like….I’ll only disappoint you if I try!! 😉

Finally, please don’t provide me with any non-work related photos of Rob and let’s just focus on Rob in all his glory – there are plenty of photos to choose from!! 🙂

Cheers. Jules.xx


6 comments on “Requests post – Rob wallpaper”

  1. That is fun Jules 😀 Thinking thinking, I’ll be back !

  2. I haven’t forgotten, Jules – it’s on my list of things to do! Whenever I start ‘researching’ for this project, I seem to get distracted and end up with nothing! I promise I’ll get something to you ASAP! Hope all is well. Cheers.

  3. […] Last month I asked for any requests for wallpapers with your favourite Rob pics and possibly a quote or favourite lyric and I’d like to thank […]

  4. Jules… this is Roberta. Whenever you’re pleased and if I’m still in time… a wallpaper with the Vogue pictures by Caitlin Cronenberg would appeal me very very much. That along with your artistic talent would come out spectacular.
    Thank you hun!

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