Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Out of this world

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Hi! I hope this finds you well.

All credit to Caitlin Cronenberg for the amazing image of Rob, part of a photoshoot appearing in L’Uomo Vogue (hopefully we’ll see lots more images from this shoot!).  I wasn’t sure about posting this, it’s a bit different and more personal to most of my other work but I love trying to create a ‘story’ to go with an image or song and I’ve always wanted to try a more ‘fantasy’ based photo manipulation project. The original images of Rob were taken with the wreckage of a plane, so that made me think he is a survivor and this idea grew from that basically.  Apocalyptic, other worldly, yet hopeful.  That’s my take on it anyway.  🙂

Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics from “Written in the Stars” – Tinie Tempah <youtube link>


14 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Out of this world”

  1. What a great job Jules! Already on my desktop this man tha nobody should ever touch!!!;-)) Cheers, Roberta….

  2. Wow, I love this one babe – just fantastic!! Haven’t seen the “sex” hair like that in quite some time, so I’m with you on hoping we’ll get to see more delicious pics. I bet you had loads of fun working on this fantasy theme, because it certainly came out awesome!! Still your biggest fan. *mwha*

  3. Ooh wooow… just AWESOME… I love it…!
    and already on my desktop as well… ^_^
    thank you for sharing…..!!

  4. Oh Jules you are just THE BEST ! The Rob Photoshop Mistress ! 😀 This is really fun to look at, and of course exquisitely beautiful ! And not just because of THE MAN :p Jules I’m always in awe of your work with the layers ! And your composition is so interesting, yes girl let yourself loose with these personal creations, I just LOVE it ! And I love distopian movies and books, so this really works for me 😀 Thanks for sharing, it is another download 😀 And I understand why you could’nt get away from those pics *grinning* Take care *hugs from chilly Montréal * xox

    • Aww thanks so very much Lynda!! You make me smile! So pleased to hear you enjoyed this one, you are very kind as always. 🙂 I hope you are well….I will email soon (so sorry!).xox

  5. lovely! i enjoyed something different in his pictures and not in a funky shirt way.

    I made this general comment on twitter w no response…but if the VF shoot gator before was supposed to represent Twilight than what in his life should we interpret as needing to be held together by a giant safety pin?????????

    I’m a brat. lol

    how are you?

    On Sunday, November 4, 2012, Creations by Jules – Blog wrote: > creationsbyjules posted: ” Click here to download size Click here to download size Hi! I hope this finds you well. All credit to Caitlin Cronenberg for the amazing image of Rob, part of a photoshoot appearing in L’Uomo Vogue (hopefull” >

  6. I just saw the rest of Cronenberg’s photos and realised I’d forgotten to comment here! Seriously love what you’ve done with this pic, Jules. Just brilliant. I’m prepared to admit that when I first saw the original photo, I laughed (it’s true, although in my own defence, I like to think I was laughing WITH Rob not AT Rob! It was the giant safety pin that did it! haha). But after looking at it constantly for a few hours (truth is I couldn’t get the image out of my head), I truly did change my mind, which those who know me will tell you doesn’t happen all that often LOL. I’m afraid I’m sadly lacking in the creativity department, so sometimes it takes me a while to catch up…… by the time your gorgeous wallpaper slowly appeared on my screen, I was loving it! Anyway, rambling again, but thanks for sharing ~ can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for us next. Big hugs from Oz, hope all is well.

    • awww thanks very much Sue – you are too kind!! 🙂 So pleased you enjoyed this one too – and no worries, feel free to ramble!! LOL Hope you are well – mail you soon!! *hugs*

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, as always, Jules. I personally loved those new pics, and am surprised there are so many who hate the whole shoot. I thought it was great to see something different from the norm, and he looked spectacular (can we say black leather??!) I was hoping someone with talent like you would make a banner or wallpaper out of them! Beautiful job. Are you doing any more? I especially loved the one of him sitting in the in the white T and black leather pants and jacket, and also the one with him in the red suit. Yum!

    • Hi! Thanks so very much for your lovely comment, so happy you enjoyed this wallpaper! 😀 I agree, this photoshoot is AMAZING (so inspiring and yes, he looked spectacular!!) and I definitely hope to do more wallpapers with the images in future. I kind of want them to be different as well so hopefully I’ll find some time soon!! 🙂 Take care and thanks again! x

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