Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Cosmopolis Premiere NYC

Perfection in Blue


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Hello!  Hands up who’s surviving the amazing NYC Comopolis promotion so far??  I have been struggling all week to find words to do him justice – he has the patience of a saint to deal with all that has been thrown at him *glares at some “interviewers” – I use the term loosely*.  He really has been amazing throughout  and *does happy dance* we have more Cronenberg/Pattinson golden moments to enjoy over and over too.  It’s been pure win – thank you Rob!!

Here’s the first of (hopefully) a few wallpapers to celebrate the wonder that was Rob in NYC.  I hope you enjoy.  The quote is from Cronenberg and you can see it in full HERE.

Until next time.xx

8 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Cosmopolis Premiere NYC”

  1. Lovelies ! Lovely wallpaper, lovely Rob, lovely David, & lovely you !!! I’m happy to see a new post from you dear Jules 😀 – I enjoy last week too, just saw it- & to read that more will come 🙂 I so agree with you about the grrrrr “interviewers” & the darling & patient Rob (and his sens of humour) I still have so many interviews & pics to watch that I think I can say that I’m not surviving it LOL ! I too just LOVE the way Cronenberg is with Rob, or when he talks about him, it is fun, respectuous & touching. Every time I’m so thrill to hear that he thinks Rob is brilliant 🙂 Jules, I don’t know if you saw my Tweet last week but I -finally- received the Bel Ami dvd *super grin from one ear to the other* aaaaaah I love Georges-Rob so much 😀 He is so good. I’m schedualing (?) screening with various friends & family so to see it again & again in good company. And to think about all his future projects. Werner Herzog for god sake !!! Hope the brilliant but quite crazy director won’t extenuate him ! But Rob as a young Lawrence d’Arabie, jeezus, how not to go nuts about that ? 😀
    Well, I hope you are good & I hope your bro had a great wedding and I’ll write as soon as I can. Pease take care, I’ll be “seing you around” soon *hugs from sunny Montréal* xx

    • Hi Lynda *waves* I hope you are well and thank you very much for your lovely comment!! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this wallpaper and I agree with all you said about the way he’s handled everything and how exciting it is for his future projects. Just a fantastic time to be a supporter of him!! 🙂 So much to look forward to. Oh glad you got your hands on Bel Ami (I missed your tweet sorry)!! Love that movie too – I hope you are enjoying your multiple viewings!! 😉 I’ll email you soon, honest. Take care. *hugs* xox

  2. Ok in english I have to write ” I hope this find you well ” :p

  3. I love how David just sings such high praises for Rob. It makes this momma’s chest stick out proud. I am barely breathing from all the new pics, and I have not had a chance to read in almost a week. I mean, the man, get’s better and better everyday. *licks lips*. Thanks for sharing. Great to see you. 🙂

    • Thanks so much bb!! 🙂 It’s wonderful hearing Cronenberg validate to the media what we already knew 😉 Always makes me grin like an idiot hearing him – could not be more proud of Rob for this movie and his choices for future projects. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a Rob fan. Bring. It. On!! 🙂 Hope all is good with you hon. *hugs*

  4. Hot Damn!!! How is it possible for Rob to keep looking better and better? I’m still trying to digest all the pretty that we just had to endure. I barely made it out alive. LOL I’m so thrilled he managed just fine through the media frenzy. Watching how he handled it all, increased my respect level to an ultimate high. *big hugs to you Rob* Jules babe, another outstanding job on this new desktop, I love it. Thanks so much for bringing it to us. *smooches* – T

    • Hey babe!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, so happy you enjoyed this wallpaper!! *does happy dance* I hear ya with all the Rob goodness this last while – he is amazing and I agree with all you said. 🙂 Sending big hugs your way hon. mwah.

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