Robert Pattinson wallpaper; he knew they would figure it out

The one where I feel sorry for Eric


Click here to download <1920×1200> size

Click here to download <1368×768> size

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope this finds you well.  The above was used in one of last weeks edits but I had wanted to make it into a wallpaper for myself and figured maybe some of you would like to use it too?  Anyhoo, hope you enjoy.  It’s my favourite Eric photo. 🙂  The quote used is from the novel.

I’m going to be taking a break for a while to tackle some real life stuff that I’ve been ignoring for too long.  LOL  I wanted to thank everyone (SO much) for their support/visits/comments/downloads over the last however long I’ve been blogging.  You are all amazing and I have loved doing this – I hope to be back soon.  Pretty sure I can’t stay away from photoshopping fun with Rob for long. 😉  In the meantime, feel free to follow me on twitter – for Rob swooning, posting random old edits, reblogs and ramblings about movies and music I love – or over on tumblr!  🙂  Take care.  *hugs*

I’ll be back….;) Missing you already.xx

17 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; he knew they would figure it out”

  1. Oh Jules, this wallpaper is so beautiful and so heartbreakingly sad at the same time. Or maybe I’m projecting a little, having read the words “I’m going to be taking a break for a while….”. We’re going to miss your posts so much, but I totally understand that sometimes real life has to come first (I HATE it, but I GET it! LOL). That said, I hope you know how much you and your amazing talents are appreciated by so many of us ~ it’s been wonderful to be able to share in your Rob love! You do the unthinkable ~ make Rob even MORE stunning & gorgeous & adorable than he already is! ( I may just have to bite the bullet and join the crazy world of twitter, so I can follow you! ) And hopefully, when things settle down for you, you’ll discover that you miss us all too much …. and like magic, you’ll be back ……. In the meantime, we have email! Anyway, a 1000 thankyous from me & big hugs from Brissie. Will be in touch soon. (ps. I think it’s just become MY favourite Eric pic, too …..)

    • Aww thanks so SO much Sue *hugging you hard right now* Your comments always blow me away and I hope to be back sharing some Rob goodies very soon with you. I’m honestly not that exciting (AT ALL) on twitter so you’re definitely fine avoiding it. 😉 I’ll still be bothering you all over at RPAU and email in the meantime. 😉 Hope all is good with you. Take care.xox

  2. Oh dear Jules, I agree word for word with Sue comment, she said everything I would have said and in a better english syntax ! Except for the *big hugs from Brissie* which in my case is *big hugs from Montréal* LOL 🙂 Jules, Fridays won’t be the same without your beautiful Rob art and your fun and nice comment, but hey, do we know real life needs to be taken care of, cus’, well… that’s life ! I hope everything is good with you Jules. I also hope you will have a little time to send a “courriel” (email) but if you can’t I will understand. I will miss you too and I will try to go on Twitter more often to catch up 🙂 Please take care, have a nice summer break. 🙂 *Friendly hugs from Montréal* Oh, I may email you anyway sometimes but shorter ones 😉 if that’s ok with you. xoxox Nourrish your creative self !

    • Hi Lynda *waves* I hope you are well and having a good week? Thank you SO much for your always wonderful comments here – I can’t thank you and the other girls here enough. 🙂 Hopefully by now you have received my epic email 😉 Take care of yourself and absolutely we will keep in touch 🙂 xox

  3. Back on the Net before I go out for the groceries (RL indeed) I just read your previous comment about the email that may be sent tonight *grinning* 🙂 Can’t wait to read from/about you Jules !

  4. Hey Babe!! If anyone deserves a break it’s you. You’re fabulous Friday posts have always put a huge smile on my face. They made getting through the last day of the work week much more pleasurable. You already know how amazing I think you are and I will greatly miss seeing what’s on the Friday Rob menu, but I totally understand about RL and the priorities you need to tend to. Thank you so much for your beautiful and amazing creations and I’ll be looking forward to future posts when RL allows it. *hugs* And as far as this recent Cosmo wallpaper, I absolutely fluv it!! The wording reflects the art/picture perfectly – another brilliant job my friend. Big smooches – see ya over at BHS. 🙂

    • Hey sweet cheeks!! *waves like a mad woman* Thanks so much for your awesome comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts – your support has been amazing right from day one so thank you a million times over. I’m always here for you too 🙂 Fluv ya loads babe….see you on BHS 🙂 xox

  5. […] & LOVE LOVE LOVE your wallpaper Jules. Jules has left a little message over at her wonderful CreationsbyJules blog so I’ll let you read her words for yourself first hand.  Thank you so much for treating […]

  6. Absolutely breathtaking Jules, as always. You will be missed but I will be following you on twitter and I am already counting the days until you are back and working your magic!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us *mwah*!!!

    • Aww thanks Vicky, you’re too kind. So happy you have enjoyed my ‘stuff’ – I’ll see you on RPAU and twitter anyways 😉 Hope you’re still enjoying the holiday of a lifetime right now 🙂 *mwah*

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  8. RL has it’s way of sneaking up and ensuring it takes priority. I understand that. It does with everyone. That is why sometimes I may be late here, but I still make it. Take the time to do what needs to be done. We will be here when you can come back and play.

    As always, the wallpaper is great. I love that pic too.

    • Hey bb *big hugs* Thanks so much and I hope RL is treating you well just now. Thank you for your support and laughs and amazing comments here – I really appreciate it so much. Take care of yourself. *mwah* xox

  9. Jules -I’m late and everyone has said it all already. Your talent and your warm words and you will be missed more than you know. Give RL a go for a while and when the time is right, Rob, and we will be waiting for you. I hope all goes well for you out there.
    If anyone can make me follow Twitter it will be you Jules.

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