Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits


Digital sketchbook time!!

Click on the thumbnails below for closer look/download link (& right click to view and download)

I got a little carried away this week but I hope you find something here to enjoy – some are more experimental than others and perhaps aren’t finished or don’t work.  I would hope to develop some in future wallpapers.  All are of course inspired by Cosmopolis; an intense, brilliant and thought provoking film….I have rambled previously so I won’t bore you any more!!  🙂

Screencaps are mine, stills are credit to PLife

Any text is taken from the novel apart from no.8 which also features Marion Cotillard. I am a big fan of hers and there’s something about this image which I wanted to use with Eric and try to create a melancholy feel which is kind of how I feel about Eric in the end.  He really breaks my heart. Marion was actually supposed to play Eric’s wife originally (I think) so it’s not so farfetched.  This is in no way a slight against Sarah Gadon because I adore her too – it’s  simply creative licence.  I wanted to try it so I did. 😉  The lyrics used are from ‘Gone’ by Jessica Riddle <youtube link>

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂  Happy Friday.xx


7 comments on “Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits”

  1. Jules !!! I’m running out of my english vocabulary now ! 😉 Experimental is GOOOOOD 🙂 After a first look, my top 3 is: 1 – 5 – 8. BEAUTIFUL, well done and original, the composition, the monochrome color choice etc. Love B&W for Edit 8, the dramatic black shadows blending them together yet they remain separated, and it would make a nice painting too ! Well they are all nice 🙂 but that is if I had to choose. When I look at your art work from a better screen computer then my laptop, I even see more details and that is so much fun ! So you have seen Cosmopolis 3 times so far ? Great ! I’ll try to see it for a 2th (only) time this Monday evening, it is playing in only 1 cinema in english, but at least this week it is going to be earlier in the evening. The reviews from the critics and the public have not been very good here for that latest Cronenberg… (they were not either for “A Dangerous Method”, people say that it is too talkative (does that word exist :-p ???) and too far from his old work) Weather news : here in Montréal, after the 3 days heatwave last week it was colder and rainy for a while, but now the weather is absolutely great 🙂 I feel like a kid, I just don’t know where to start my 3 days off, which is my regular scheduled (but cus’ I need to work more then my 23 hours basic schedule, I worked from 9am to 10 pm Wednesday so I don’t have to work on Friday), and need to make a balance between what I must do and what I want to do. I know I’m not the only one in that position Hiiiii Haaaa ! Thanks again for sharing your art with us and have a very good week-end Jules, and take care ! *sunny hugs from Montréal* Hey, do you know that there are 4 group of people who are the official founder of Montréal ? Yep, the French, the English, the Irish and… the Scottish !!! So we have your floral emblem the thistle on our city flag 🙂 (And yet another long post… ;-p)

    • Hi Lynda! *waves* Thanks so much for your lovely comment (as always!!). So glad you enjoyed the edits!! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good week and got to see Cosmopolis again? Sadly it’s gone from our theatres here but I hope that it will come back to a smaller Indie place maybe. Fingers crossed! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good week? I have had an email drafted to you all week and haven’t had a chance to finish and send it! :/ I will do it tonight!! Take care and have a great weekend. xox

  2. Keep going to see, I keep the album, your beautiful collages on robert… I hope this makes you happy, of course I have to mark your site below in the description of your album! that’s kisses!

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