Robert Pattinson wallpaper; The World Would End

Click here to download <1920×1200> size

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Happy Friday, and it’s not just any Friday.  Nope….it’s the UK release of Cosmopolis Friday!!!!  Hard to hide the huge grin I have plastered on my face right now.  I am really, REALLY looking forward to this….intrigued and excited. 🙂

Have a great weekend all.  Thanks for stopping by.  The above quote is from the book itself (one of my favourite quotes) and the images, including scanned image on the left, came via PLife. I hope you enjoy this one.


9 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; The World Would End”

  1. HAPPY ÉRIC PACKER DAY TO EVERYBODY IN U.K. ! And especially to you, dear Jules 🙂 And again, (what is new hi hi hi) a wonderful wallpaper from you, the Photoshop Mistress 😉 I’d love to sit by your side and watch you work through the wonders of Rob 🙂 Humm, I wonder if I can say that in english ? It sounds a little, well, you know… anyway, have a wonderful week-end full of Rob-Éric dreams… I’m thinking of a specific scene right now that would not have made it to BD1, since “only the tip” was allowed LOL ! Notice that I still haven’t see Bel Ami, so I can’t compare !!! 🙂 *hugs from a sunny and warm Montréal still singing with the casserolles” xox

    • Thank youuuuuu Lynda!! 🙂 hahaha as if I could be more excited about seeing this movie – thanks for the comments!! 😉 I’m really looking forward to seeing him and I’ll let you know what I think!! So happy you enjoyed this wallpaper, just wanted to post something to ‘mark’ this special day 😉
      Have a wonderful weekend. I really hope you get to see Bel Ami very soon – I think you will love it! I know I did. Take care and keep singing!! xox

  2. have agreat time on this movie dear your work always make me looking forward every time for your next masterpiece …………happy weekend to you and happy Erick day to have fun 🙂

  3. I hope you have survived another Rob Premier. Looks like the USA will be Aug. Grrrrrr !!!

    I am transfixed on that mouth and jaw sitting right in the center. Wow, it is almost perfectly full size. GAH !

    • Thanks so much bb. Yup, I survived Eric Packer. Twice. 😉 Hoping to see him more before he leaves me. He’s worth the wait – I hope it’s showing in a theater near you in August! Really glad you enjoyed this wp, thanks again hon.

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