Robert Pattinson photo edits; Cosmopolis promotion

Berlin & Cannes Rob for today.  Click on the thumbnails for closer look/download link:

Happy Friday everyone! Just been messing around and experimenting with some of the wonderful, wonderful photos we’ve been spoiled with recently.  The Cosmopolis promotional tour was the stuff dreams are made of and I sincerely hope Rob gets to work with David Cronenberg again one day, they looked like they really enjoyed their time together.  The interviews and press conferences featuring them both are some of my all time favourites now. 😉  The edits today use photos from Berlin (first 5 edits) and Cannes (last 5 edits).  Hope you enjoy!

Before I forget – happy Cosmopolis day to anyone visiting this page from Canada (Lynda – have a brilliant time with Eric, won’t you?) 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.xx

15 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits; Cosmopolis promotion”

  1. […] Jules made some great edits of Rob in Berlin and Cannes: […]

  2. Well thank God I don’t have to choose which one of these
    I like best because it’s just not happening!

    All marvelous!

    I think I’m gonna need to check on 17ForeverLisa
    though, the b/w edits may kill her!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Jules ~ sorry I’ve been missing in action a little lately ~ home office reno means I’m falling so far behind with all of these beautiful posts! Anyway, these are beyond gorgeous … and I just can’t get past the beauty of Rob and those sunnies ~ yep, straight to the naughty corner for me after this! I really have no idea how you choose from the 1000s of amazing photos we’ve seen over these last few weeks, but your selections are always great. This promotional tour has been fantastic, how lucky are we to be able to enjoy Rob’s success?! I so can’t wait til he’s on Aussie soil filming later this year ….. I’m sure we’ll be able to ‘feel it’ , just having him close (well, closer than Europe or Canada or LA!! It’s all relative!). Start buying lottery tickets, Jules ~ hopefully we’ll get another Aussie Premiere out of it! Have a wonderful week ….. I haven’t had time to read my fan-fics for weeks!!! Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care. xxx (ps. Rob & David together just tugs at my heart, so sweet!)

    • Hi Sue! *waves* Wonderful to hear from you – hope all is good there? My turn to be missing in action, sorry 😦 So happy you enjoyed these edits and have loved the Cosmopolis promotion as much as I have. 🙂 Been so wonderful hasn’t it?? anyhoo – will email you soon. 😉 take care and have a fantastic weekend. xx

  4. I still haven’t gotten through my rss feeds for the whirlwind of Cosmopolis premier. GAH. Berlin1 and Berlin4 are Stutterly-wipe the drool-memorizing. It’s his eyes.

    Anyone notice the rain droplets in Berlin made him all sparkly? Must be that electrifying personality !

  5. Again beautifuly edited by you, the amazing Jules 🙂 ! Thank you for sharing with us. True Berlin4 is grrrrrr… :-Q_____
    I always enjoy the B&W edits. CannesPrem8 is kind a strange ‘cus he looks different on this one (older or just tired) he reminds me of another actor, I think it’s Demian Bachir from Weeds (television) and A Better Life (beautiful and touching movie from Chris Weitz). Well anyway, it’s always a treat for the eyes to see your edits Jules ! I like the way you use the light to emphasize his features, eyes etc. There are sooo many pics to look at from the promo tour, how did you choose ??? Watching everything could be a full time job 🙂 That would be very nice indeed… *sigh*
    And yes, ta da dam ! I went to see Cosmopolis Friday night !!! Hiii haaa ! So, do you think I liked it ??? ;-p OMG… I went with my cousin and she said : I don’t understand the critics, I think he was very good ! For a big part of the movie, his caracter is so blasé, cold, living in his mind, abstract, his eyes almost dead but then, as stuff happens to him, oh man, he comes alive and he is wow wow wow ! Oh yes, that last scene with Giamatti, they are both sooo good ! And the way it was filmed ! The movie is slow paced, not at all like the trailer, it kind of become hypnotic, and also, it is true, there is a lot of humour, which is something I didn’t get when I read the novel. OK I had written more stuff but I erased it, too long, it was about critics here in Québec and the fact that Cosmopolis is playing only in 4 Theaters in Montréal, 2 in French 2 in English (including one with french subtitles, that’s the one I saw) Now I can’t wait to see it again, the theater I went to is showing it for one week only (WTF ?)
    BTW Jules, I hope you had enough food and water to go trough my long email LOL Lady have a very good week, only a few dodos to go and you will meet Éric 🙂 Take care 🙂 *hugs from sunny Montréal*

    • Hi Lynda! *waves* I hope you are well and have had a good week. I’ll email you very soon, honest!! Real life just getting in the way just now. LOL Thank you for yoru lovely comment as always, glad you enjoyed these edits!! 🙂 I am SO pleased to read your thoughts on Cosmopolis – got me even more excited to see it if that was possible!! I’m planning on going tomorrow and Sunday 🙂 Can’t wait!! 🙂 Thank you SO much for telling me your thoughts, appreciate it so much. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care. *hugs* xox

      • Ah Jules you are more then welcome ! I’m so happy for you to be able to “meet” Éric tomorrow. So just 1 dodo (sleep) to go and you’re in for a ride, a limo ride ! 🙂 I too had a big grin on my face and everybody at work knew that Cosmopolis was premiering last Friday, ha ha ha ! And the theater is still showing Cosmopolis with french sub-titles this week so I’ll go back 🙂 ENJOY girl, enjoy ! Take care ! xx

  6. […] Here are some great new Robert Pattinson pic edits made by Jules […]

  7. […] Here are some great new Robert Pattinson pic edits made by Jules […]

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