Robert Pattinson photo edits; Cannes2012 part 2

Click the thumbnails for download links/closer look 🙂

Happy Friday!!  How’s everyone doing?  Are you hanging in there with all this amazing, amazing Cosmopolis promotion?  Are you over using the words stunning, beautiful, want, holy etc etc??  Yeah, me too.  (I’m trying to be good and not swear otherwise that list would have been a lot more colourful!!).  Plus I’m seriously exhausted just trying to keep up with the photos – can’t imagine how Rob must be feeling actually doing all this!!  Let’s not forget the wonderful Mr Cronenberg too, been so amazing to see them on this tour together.  🙂

Today’s edits are a trip down memory lane….all the way back to last Friday 😉  The epic that was COSMOPOLIS DAY in Cannes.  Oh yes.  Couldn’t have been more brilliant and I am still grinning like a lunatic thinking about it – looked like he had a fantastic time too.  So deserved.  Hope you enjoy the edits….


6 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits; Cannes2012 part 2”

  1. Oh Jules – fabulous pics – Thanks so much!!! He is so adorable & yep we’re running out of adjectives, lol!!! So effing AWESOME!!! ;D

  2. Oh. my.

    CannesPortrait1 pierces right through me!

    Thanks for making this a great Friday, Jules!
    miss ya!

  3. Oh yesss, I love these ! Thanks for the choices and the enhancement of THE MAN’s beauty 🙂 Love the B&W very much too, and the ones with David Cronenberg and Juliette Binoche, wow wow wow ! I’m still catching up, as I’m still far behind, on all those pics and interviews and videos, he is indeed so adorable *sigh* (and to know that there are more movies to come, yes yes yes) 🙂 Ok it seems I write in trio today LOL so *hug hug hug* LOL Take care Jules

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