Robert Pattinson photo edits; RobCannes2012

Happy Friday everyone!!  And what a Friday it promises to be – the Cosmopolis Cannes promotion is now under way and wow, just wow.  Cannes really suits him.  🙂  I’m sharing just a quick few edits here from the stunning pics of him from Wednesday night.  Really, really can’t wait to see more of him with Cronenberg and the cast today now though.  This is huge for him and I couldn’t be happier.  Can not wait.  🙂  Hope you enjoy these edits and enjoy the Rob Day 🙂

My favourite moment so far from Cannes?  Got to be his video interview with David Cronenberg.  I’m posting it here just to enjoy it again over and over.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch – make sure you do!!  LOL  🙂  Look forward to seeing so much more with them both.

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13 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits; RobCannes2012”

  1. Oh it has been years, but the man only gets better.

  2. Jules. You and Rob are both phenomenal at Cannes.
    It is interesting to see you post this wonderful interview because after seeing your creations over at RPAU I felt compelled to come to your limo and thank you in person. 🙂

    • Hi Carmel *waves* Thanks so much, so happy you enjoyed these. Wasn’t he amazing in Cannes? Yup, loving all the Rob/DC interviews going around – they make a wonderful duo I have to say!! Love them together. LOL Here’s to surviving the next few weeks of promotion for Cosmopolis….not sure if I’ll make it but it will be a lot of fun trying. Hope you are well and enjoyed Bel Ami!! 🙂

  3. Oh I agree ! Beautiful Rob at Cannes and beautiful Jules that enhances Rob’s beauty at Cannes 🙂 Thanks for the video, I haven’t had the chance to see it before, I was busy with my pots and pans in the streets of Montreal last night (LOL) I still have lots of interview to catch on, what a joy 🙂 Rob Cannes 2009 was georgous, Rob Cannes 2012 is spectacular THE MAN indeed is getting better in every way. Aaaah we love HIM ! 😉 Have a great week-end Jules *hugs from Montréal the #casseroles city*

    • Back on the Net. Oh there are soooo many pics from Cannes to look at it’s crazy WOW !!! And it is fun to think about all the great Photoshop Art you are going to create with those pics Jules 🙂 And HIS EYES… Love the B&W pic. *multiple sighs*

    • Thanks so much Lynda 🙂 So happy you enjoyed these edits and the wonder that was Rob in Cannes 2012. 😉 He shone very brightly in Cannes I have to say, so thrilled for him with this movie and working with Cronenberg. I can’t believe we see it soon!! I think I am the week after you? 😉 I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I think I owe you an email? Sorry, I’m so behind at the moment. You will hear from me soon! 🙂 Good luck with everything happening in your city. Stay safe. *hugs*

      • Dear Jules, I’m the one who owe you an e-mail LOL ! But everytime I open the computer, there is so much on Twitter and Facebook and articles to read about what is happening in Québec and Montréal that I spend to much time on it and then of course time is up !!! And now there is a FB page call casseroles night in Canada, already over 10000 people will be playing pots and pans across the country in Solidarity for the students and againt law 78 Wednesday at 8 p.m.. It’s amazing ! I’ve got links in english I’ll be sending you soon, if you’re still interested. And beside that, always on the Net, I’m trying to catch on the Cosmopolis tour. YES I LOVE to see DC and Rob together, and have you noticed how DC kind of “protect” Rob, like at the press conference when he said that a particular question was biased and that was why it was hard for Rob to answer !?! Oooh, my heart just melted like butter… so I still have a lot of all that goodness to watch, 🙂 and I believe it is gonna be a little crazy for you to choose from all those GEORGOUS pics of THE MAN ! OK got to go, take care too, I’m happy you are not annoyed by all my social-politic stuff:-) *sincere hugs from Montréal* 🙂

  4. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! There is NEVER going to be enough time to fully appreciate Cannes 2012! How unbelievably awesome has the coverage been? Sorry Jules, I know I should be commenting on your edits, but my head is bursting with images right now! LOL. ( Honestly, I feel sorry for people who aren’t Rob fans ~ they don’t know what they’re missing! hahaha. Although I bet they’re all getting more sleep than US this week!)

    You know I love everything you do, Jules ~ especially loving the black & white edits today. And I know your head must be spinning, with the 1000s of new photos we’re seeing ….. good luck trying to choose ~ I can’t!

    Love that interview that you posted, too. What a team they make. And I’ve just got to mention the Cosmopoils Press Conference ~ Rob & Cronenberg together just killed me (did you see the head rub from David after Rob got embarrassed……oh my God, I was a mess! LOL)

    Had 4th Viewing of Bel Ami ~ my friends just shake their heads at me!

    I’ll email you when things settle down a little ….. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. You and Rob make a great team, too! (*wink*)

    • LOL Sue, safe to say we’ve had the same reaction to CannesRob2012 😉 How AMAZING was he? Jeez Cosmopolis Friday was just so epic and perfect for him and the Cosmo team. Loved all the coverage and the positive reactions for Rob and the movie!! Can not stop grinning when I think about it and here we have Portugal tonight. OMG, how are we going to cope with the coming few weeks of promotion? Well, at least it’ll be fun trying 😉 Thank you so much for your wonderful comment as usual and I’m happy you enjoyed these edits too. 🙂 I can’t stop fangirling about that press conference either – it was totally brilliant. Love seeing Rob with DC. LOVE!! 🙂

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Bel Ami – 4th time?? That’s fantastic!! 🙂 I adore him in that movie. Look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon. *hugs*

  5. OH I forgot, yes we will be seing Cosmopolis one week apart only, isn’t that GREAT ! I too read the novel when I learned Rob was going to be in the movie, and I remember wondering how DC was going to adapt it ‘cus so much takes place in Éric’s mind. I can’t wait to see it 🙂 And did I dreamed or I read somewhere that DC would like to have Rob AND Viggo in the same movie ??? :-Q______ LOL ! xx

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