Photo edits; requests post part 2


Sorry I had to do the requests post in two parts but here are the final edits from requests over at RPAustralia.  Big thank you to Lynda, Dana and InkedCrow for your photo requests (will be emailing you today!).  If you want to see the edits head on over to RPAustralia for all three <HERE> – girls, I really REALLY hope you enjoy them.  *hugs*

Have a great day all.xx


4 comments on “Photo edits; requests post part 2”

  1. Jules, again here (good thing you do not post in 12 other places LOL), let me THANK YOU sincerely for this AWSOMELY (?) BEAUTIFUL art work you’ve done with one of my fav pic ever (and the other one you’ve send me too 🙂 ) I’m thrilled, touched and happy ! Wow do I love Internet and its international exchanges and possibilities ! It’s going to be one of my fav BD gift 🙂 Take care, have a great week-end *hugs* xox

    • Thank you so very much Lynda – you made my day with your reaction. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this. I admit I found it difficult trying to work on something for others – a different challenge but I enjoyed it! 🙂 Thank you so much again for your kind words here and over at RPAU – thank you for following me around LOL 😉 You are very welcome of course – thank you for taking part in the requests post. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care *hugs* xox

  2. Dana–that is really one of my most fav Rob pics!!! See I didn’t even need to enter this. I’m just reaping the benefits of all of these!

    Loved the ones you did for Lynda and InkedCrow, too!

  3. You completely slay me with you mad skillz, Jules babe!! I’m in total awe of the talent that runs from your brain down to your fabulous fingers. Hmmm, that sounds a bit dirty doesn’t it? LOL All I can say is…..BRILLIANT, STUNNING and GORGEOUS. You know I’m gonna print Red Rob in all his glory and slap to the fridge – Oh hells yes!! *wink*. Loved ALL your edits my friend. I think I’m gonna sit here and stare for a while. *sigh*

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