Robert Pattinson wallpaper; celebrating Spring….

He will always put a ‘spring’ in my step 😉

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Vanity Fair….

Happy Friday to you all!  🙂

I wanted something bright, fun and sexy for Spring.  Rob always, alwaysbrings the sexy – I just try to colour around him. 🙂  Spring is my favourite time of year – everything coming to life, fresh, positive, colourful, admiring nature in all her beauty – all that kind of stuff really.  I just, yeah – I love it.  So, wishing you all a happy Spring out there and thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.  🙂  Yes, I did put a hint of green in his eyes to make him more connected with everything going on behind him – perhaps even more otherworldly in appearance? 🙂  This was a beautiful photoshoot – Rob was stunning, as always.

I had the idea for text covered in grass or something growing at least and happily found a tutorial I liked to help me with that part.  I’ll keep updating my resources page with websites I use should anyone be interested.

Apart from the poem ‘Spring has Sprung’ which inspired the text, the song choice for today and Spring in general from me is ‘Feeling Good’ and as much as I love Nina Simone’s version I choose Michael Buble’s version every time – turn it up, belt out those lyrics at the top of your voice and flail those arms during the musical interludes – it might be what I do, don’t judge me.

*whispers* It’s my birthday today – you know you want to sing along with me…. 😉

Here we go:

16 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; celebrating Spring….”

  1. happy, happy Birthday!

    hope you have a truly wonderful day Jules!!!

    Thank you for putting a spring in our step (see what I did there?) today and every Friday with your beautiful edits.


    • Thanks again so much for your birthday wishes and tweets, really meant a lot! Glad this wallpaper puts a spring in your step too ;). Hope you’re having a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, as always… ^_^
    and, of course…. Happy Bdayyyyy…!!
    have a beautiful and sweet day

  3. OMG, I luv it babe!! My favorite photo shoot evah. Soon as I get home from work, this is getting downloaded pronto! Awesome job once again.
    Sending you over massive amounts of virtual birthday hugs. I hope you have a fabulous day, ’cause you deserve it. I luv ya cutie.

    • LOL thanks babes, I was really hoping you would get a kick out of this one since I know its your favourite photoshoot! 😉 so pleased you enjoy it and thanks a million for your birthday wishes and friendship. You’re the best. Mwah

  4. OMFreakingG ! My heart skipped a beat when I opened the page !!! It is beautiful and light and there is a touch of humour that do represent Rob very well. Love the background. I’m listening to the song while writing. Bublé is Canadian by the way *grin* Yes oh yes Spring is beautiful, Rob is beautiful, the Vanity Fair session 2008 was AMAZING, I noticed the green you add to his eyes and hey, it is your artistic privilege to do so 🙂 and Edward used to have green eyes, so thanks to you now we see how he would have looked like, wich is georgous ! And last, but not least, dear Jules, again : a wonderful Happy Birthday, I wish you everything you need and that some dreams come true, and of course health for you and your loved ones. We’ve never met so I don’t know you but I’d love too, you seem like such a nice person everytime I read your posts and comments, I like your sens of humour and your kindness. In Québec one of our greatest poet/songwriter Gilles Vigneault (who is over 80 now and still on a stage !) wrote a song called “Gens du pays”, it became our National Anthem (in place of the Oh Canada) and, with a small modification, for many of us it has also replaced the “Joyeux anniversaire” song that came from the english version “Happy Birthday to you”. It goes that way : ” Ma très chère Jules, c’est à ton tour, de te laisser parler d’amour… ” BONNE FÊTE JULES ! Take care *friendly hugs from Montréal* Here’s the original song :–0

    • Wow Lynda, your kind words really do make me smile so wide….I look kind of scary right now 😉 seriously, thank you for being so supportive and friendly, it really means a lot. I’m happy to share my passion for Rob and Photoshop with such lovely people here on the blog! 🙂 thanks again for the birthday wishes too, I had a wonderful day thanks to everyone’s kindness. 🙂 I hope you are having a great weekend. Take care *hugs*

  5. Oh and of course : HAVE FUN !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday St Jules. I can see the season agrees with you and with Rob. What a happy wallpaper! I hope your year matches your optimism. You deserve after bring so much joy to us all. xxx

    • Thank you so very much Carmel for your kind words, as always. :). Thrilled you enjoy this wallpaper too :). Thanks for the birthday wishes too, had a wonderful day. I hope you are having a great weekend. Take care *hugs*

  7. Vacation has come to an end. Took a long weekend to the coast and then did honeydo’s the rest of the week. So I missed Fantastic Friday with Jules, but I still wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope it was filled with all your desires.

    • Aww hey hon, hope you had a wonderful vacation! Much deserved after work has been so awful by the sounds of things. Hope you got to really relax and thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It was a great day, thank you. 🙂 mwah

  8. Amazing work. I saw it on Robsessed and I hope it is ok but I have posted link to your blog on my FB for fellow Twihards to see., I hope it gets you lots more followers.. looking forward to looking through your other work :o)

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed that wallpaper!! Hope you find others here you like too. 🙂 No problem posting my link on your FB – thanks! *hugs*

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