Robert Pattinson wallpaper #1; Bel Ami for RPAustralia

How you doin'?

Click here to download <1900×1200> size

Click here to download <1368×768> size

So, Congratulations all you lovelies in USA/Canada – looks like you finally have a date with Georges now too.  *happy dance*  He is SOOOO worth the wait. Seriously.

I thought it was as good a time as any to unleash the two wallpapers I made specifically for <Robert Pattinson Australia> blog.  If you’re looking for a purely Rob site, you can’t go wrong with them.  They seriously are AMAZING girls.  🙂 I’ve been helping out over there a little but mainly with Rob graphics and banners.


So I created wallpapers to match the 2 Bel Ami banners I did for them and they’re posted <here> on the site but I’m including in my own blog for completeness AND offering the smaller size too.  The second wallpaper coming up in 3-2-1….

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


2 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper #1; Bel Ami for RPAustralia”

  1. Dark, FTW!!! I want to insert Georges into my dreams!
    Maybe after I finally see this movie it will happen.
    a beauty, as always.

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