Experimental Friday says helloooo Georges – part one

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Welcome to Jules does Georges (let me have a moment with that one….mmm, thanks).    Happy Bel Ami UK release day to you!!  🙂  I’ve split this in to two and will bore you silly with more Georges next Friday.  Mainly because I’m hoping to see this movie several times this coming week (sorry to all those who don’t have it yet!!) and so shall be otherwise engaged 😉  *le sigh*  Some of these are going to be very experimental – just messing with feelings and moods and whatever I’m trying to say.  o.O  I have no idea most of the time either.    😉

Happy Friday. 🙂

Lyrics used in the above edits are from “I Want You” by Savage Garden and “Someone Like You” by Adele.  Edit number 1 is my attempt at my own poster (which I hope to modify into a wallpaper at some point soon).  Hope you enjoy.


17 comments on “Experimental Friday says helloooo Georges – part one”

  1. Sweet baby jesus … Jules these are sensational.

    Ooh Savage Garden – no complaints here from the Aussies

  2. wow dear what is this ?its breath taking thanks ,dear i need i fever from you our friend Martha her birthday on the 30 of March can you put ur magic on some wallpaper for her if you want some pic for her take my email from Maria and i will send you one think about it ok thanks

  3. So, Jules does Georges ……yeah, I can tell you had your fun!!! And you don’t REALLY think it’s possible to bore us silly, do you? Not a chance! These are gorgeous, Jules … and adding Savage Garden and Adele lyrics = perfect! Seriously, edit number 1 is exquisite and deserves to be an official Bel Ami poster, but they’re all brilliant! Can’t wait for next weeks’ instalment…….

    As for taunting us with your plans to see Georges several times this week ~ well, just so you know, I’m GREEN with envy, and SO wishing I was in the UK right now……guess you’ll just have to take ANOTHER one for the team, Jules …..75 days to go for some of us…. at least we have a release date…. needless to say I don’t need to tell you to have a wonderful weekend….. go enjoy Georges for us all! (over & over & over!)

    • Hi Sue, thank you so very much for your wonderful comment!! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it in….71 days time!! By Friday I should have been in his presence 3 wonderful times and counting. LOL I loved it first time around but second time around was even better. *grins* Have a great week and thanks again, for everything. 🙂

  4. Lovely work Jules!!! Whata beauty is Georges?!….

  5. Oh, Jules. They should have hired you to make the official poster. ::THUD:: And BelAmi5a is killing me.

    I cannot believe that the US does not have a release date for this movie. So jealous! At least we get inspired edits from you because of it.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your mad skillz with us. Have a great weekend!

    • Aww thanks so very much Lisa – thrilled you enjoyed these! And wow, I’m blown away you think my poster could have been more official. Made my day!! 🙂 Thanks hon. Have a great week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed you get news about BA there soon.

  6. I don’t know where to start! Your poster is breathtaking. His eyes in it are penetrating. *smirks* And the layering look used with the Adele lyrics is awesome. I really wanna act chidish and throw a tantrum that I can’t have this, but at least you have! Thank you for sharing the Georges’ awe and merriment with us!

    • Thanks so much kiTT – you’re very kind. So pleased you enjoyed these Georges edits. 🙂 Like I said to Lisa above, I’m keeping my fingers crossed you guys get good news about BA very soon. Have a great week and thanks again. 🙂

  7. And thumbs up to ‘Savage Garden’ !
    Hope their lyrics show up again because I know
    they have a few more songs that would be a good
    match with Rob!

    • You know, I thought I’d used Savage Garden a lot more but I think the ones I’ve used them for are half finished and haven’t seen the light of day yet. LOL I know I’ve wanted to use them more and Darren Hayes too – love!! So I’ll certainly try in future. 😉 Thanks.

  8. I am with Kitt. If I throw a temper tantrum, would it do me any good? It’s a shame really for the DVD release dates starting to appear and here we don’t even have a release date in theaters.

    I wonder if I go to the airport, would someone’s luggage will be big enough to hold me?

    Oh and that comment “Jules does Georges” ….my mind went totally to Debbie does Dallas. Showing my age again 🙂
    Jules enjoy the week.. do Georges over, and over, and over. Rest and start again 😉

    I so want that wallpaper out of the poster. RAWR. Now I seem to have assititis.
    What’s that you say? Well my ass won’t sit still in my seat……………..still twitching til next week!

    • LOL assititis!! hahaha Thank you so much for your amazing comment bb. Thrilled you enjoyed these!! I can’t even with the Debbie does Dallas. hahaha I really hope you girls get good news about Georges very soon – you need to see him in this movie. He’s all kinds of AMAZING!!!! Loved the film even more the second time around. Sorry, am trying not to rub salt in your wounds. 😉 Have a great week. Take care. Oh and you’ve seen a version of the poster/stare over at RPAustralia now – I saw you. hahaha 🙂

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