Robert Pattinson photo edits; Berlin – take my breath away ;)

Click the thumbnails for download link.   My ramblings are underneath….should you be interested. 🙂

This is a recorded message.  LOL  No really – all going well I’ve set this to post automatically because I should be recovering from seeing Bel Ami last night and didn’t trust myself to get anything coherent out just yet. 😉  It’ll only have been 12 hours. Possibly with very little sleep – who wants to sleep when you can be re-living scenes over and over in your head.  Oh jeez – very excited about this movie.  Very.  🙂  Sorry to those of you who still don’t have release dates….here’s hoping you get good news very soon.

Anyways, down to business – and I get full points for the cheese factor with remembering Berlin had this song <take my breath away>.  So you know, perfect for Rob while IN Berlin, don’t you think?? (ok, I know he takes our breath away every time but work with me here!!)  😉  Also, because a lot of us were thinking Top Gun seeing those photos of him outside in Berlin (see previous wallpaper!!).  It all comes together nicely – almost like I planned it.  LOL  And for the record I loved that song – would play it over and over back in the day. 🙂

Have a great Friday – until next time.xx


25 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits; Berlin – take my breath away ;)”

  1. Lord have mercy … can’t believe it was a week ago

    Amazing Jules – as always 😀

  2. for sure its a happy friday :)thanks this is wow

  3. *giggle* Jules, did I ever tell you how much I love your 80s references?

    Okay so you’ve seen Bel Ami and it is unavailable here
    in the US. *snaps pencil* I’m dealing *grits teeth* and being
    very patient. *tweets Sony*

    The thing is, this movie is like a baby in the womb.
    We’ve all already known we would love it
    before laying eyes on it. So do share
    with us the wonder of the his acting,
    the thrill of the story’s best scenes,
    and the fineness
    of his ass when you get a chance!

    And these edits are perfect.
    Don’t. Ever. Change Jules!

    • Awww, thanks so much – glad you enjoyed these edits and the 80s song references. *grins* It’s too much fun – I had an overwhelming urge to sing into my hairbrush while watching the Berlin music vid. hahahaha No seriously – with an angsty expression, hand on heart. *giggles* That’s probably too much info.
      Oh and Georges is freaking amazing – just blew my mind 🙂 I will share details if you want and I definitley hope to put down some rambling thoughts/review about him soon. 🙂 Have a great week!

  4. Ah…there was something so tingling about him wearing that top coat. So many things that he does has never affected me when I see others wearing them. (button flies, v-neck undershirts, top coast, doc martens, sexspenders, etc)

    *leans back and remissnesses* oh the things I was doing in 1986. 🙂 The song so appropriate, but he does take my breath away in places other than Berlin.

    Hope you survived Jules and you come out of your coma soon!

    • LOL I know what you mean about him wearing things and making them all of a sudden sexy and irresistible!! 🙂 I’m out of my Georges coma LOL – he is beyond awesome in this. Hope you get a release date SOON!!!! Thanks for your lovely comment as usual- really appreciate it. Have a great week! 🙂

  5. You are amazing, Jules! LOVE your ‘recorded message’ ……LOL! Are we showing our age with the Top Gun reference? hehehe (don’t worry, I’m not pointing fingers, I was there too!) Seriously, I’m completely smitten with these edits ~ so good to see that long coat again ….. and it cracks me up that Rob stands between two beautiful, glamorous women and we couldn’t even tell you what they were wearing, because HE’s the ‘rose’ …….and then those drop-dead eye-lashes …oh, and my other favourite seems to be missing in action, Jules ( the Berlin 2012 yellow background …. it’s on RPAU) ~ this man is going to be the death of me, I’m sure!

    Anyway, look forward to hearing more of your ‘ramblings’ about Georges, very soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Jules! And thanks for sharing, as always!

    • Dear @Sue, @kiTT and @rdmickey1989, I love reading your posts, and I DO AGREE with your words about THE MAN and about Jules, you all say it so much better then me in english, and now Jules is having me liking the shaved head look much more then (than ?) before LOL. I’m just droling now… And I too was a young girl around in the ’80ties ;-b *sigh* Thanks, I don’t feel as lonely, as a “grown up woman”, being so fond of this amazingly intelligent beautiful lovely nice funny “make my blood race faster but still respect him so much” young man (Practicing my adjectives here) 🙂 In Québec Bel Ami is still set for March 2. Yess ! Have a good week-end ! *greetings from Montréal*

      • @Lynda, your english is great! And don’t worry, I always read comments from other people and think they explained something SO much better than I ever could! (That includes YOUR comments, Lynda!) ….. and yeah, there are plenty of us who were ‘young girls’ in the 80’s, who love Rob to bits…. and do occasionally think we’d seriously trade in our hubby for this gorgeous man!

    • LOL! Sue – yes with the Top Gun reference. The 80s stuff seems to creep in to influence me now and then – I can’t hide it. hahaha You are too kind about these edits – so happy you enjoyed them and my recorded message 😉 Hoping to share some thoughts about Georges with you all soon – he was AMAZING!!!! 🙂 Have a great week – take care. Will be catching up with emails this week, honest. 🙂

    • Oh Lynda, I know it may be frustrating to try and explain your feelings over this man. I have trouble conveying them and I speak English. You do just fine so don’t fret.

      As far as age, you see that year in my name? That was the year I got married honey! I have a son not too much younger than Rob. I am not ashamed at all. It means even though my body is aging, my mind is still sharp and knows a good thing when they see it.

      It also means that Rob keeps my hormones doing great. I may never need any supplements. 🙂

      • LOL !!! I DO agree with the heart staying young even if -bou hou hou- the body age. Well, as someone put it, as long as we are aging it means we are not dead ;-b And oh the hormones part is hilarious 🙂 Thanks ! *greetings from Montréal under a light snow*
        Bel Ami this Friday *sigh* *squeeee* *jump into place* *breath in breath out*….

      • lmao. Rob is the Best Hormone Therapy !! I am just lucky my husbands name is also Robert. He claims I can never get into trouble and I just grin. At least he is ok with my obsession…and he should be…. he reaps all the benefits 😉

        I am in North Carolina, USA and today we are 80 degrees F (27 C). I am in short sleeves and flip flops.

        I am so happy for you that you get to see Bel Ami tomorrow. We still don’t have a date for the USA.

  6. THIS Man, in MY Country = A Dream coming true!!!!

    Great edits, bb!

  7. Dear Jules ! As I wrote in my reply to Sue, you are making me like his shaved head looks now ! I love BerlinPress2 *sigh*. I enjoyed your “recorded message” LOL. Have a grrrreat week-end with the reminiscence of the sexy Bel Ami… *friendly hugs from Montréal* we’re expecting about 15cm of snow – almost 6 inches – ’till tomorrow. More snowshoeing in the forest on Sunday 🙂

    • Hi Lynda!! 🙂 Thank you so much for another lovely comment – I’m happy you enjoyed these!! Bel Ami is definitely worth the wait I can tell you!! Wonderful movie and fantastic performance by Rob. 🙂 I hope to share some thoughts/review on my blog soon though. I really hope you will get to see it soon! Enjoy your week (I hope you got some snowshoeing done over the weekend!!). 🙂

      • Hello Jules 🙂 Happy to hear from you and that you enjoyed THE MAN in Bel-Ami. It’ll be in theater in Montréal next Friday, it is official. Yaahooo ! 4 dodos to go *super grins* *sourire fendu jusqu’aux oreilles* Yes I went snowshoeing with my friends, 2 1/2 hours in the forest, sooo beautiful with the fresh snow… even my city looked like a fairy tale on Friday evening… I just love winter so much now that I’ve got better technical, yet simple, clothing for outdoors activities, and the fun with snowshoes compare to cross-country skiing is that you can go everywhere in the beautiful forest *sigh* Jules I just opened a Facebook page and a Twitter account (I sent you a message) and I guess now I’ll be ready to e-mail you LOL ! I just keep writing long post here instead LOL ! Thanks for being there, in your beautiful Scotland, with your beautiful Rob Art and your kind words. Take care *big hugs from Montréal*

  8. @Sue thank you for your nice words 🙂 BTW I’m single right now but I would trade ANYTHING for him LOL !!!

  9. @rdmickey1989 LOL ! Good thing you are married with an understanding husband called Robert ! A dear friend of mine, in her 40’ties, married for over 20 something years, watched all True Blood series and had a thing for Éric, and so her husband also got the s…ide benefit of it ;-b !
    But here and now, less fun : aaaaaaah they’ve been annoncing Bel Ami for Friday March 2, in newspapers and web sites, BUT – bouh hou hou – there is no sign of it now in any movie theater at all ! Usually, the new schedule is out on Thursday… snif snif, I would call it «How to be disappointed in 3 volumes…» *sigh* I’m joining again the people waiting for the REAL release… *everything that can be crossed is* At least we will have some beautiful Rob Art from Jules tomorrow to consolate us.
    And on the weather side in Montréal we had some more snow today, but it’s not too cold -4 C, we are expecting some rain and 6 C Saturday – crazy-, and you, you are in flip-flop, wow ! Bye for now, take care !

  10. Ah. I love every single one so much. Brings back the memories. How is it possible that I haven’t commented earlier? I’m still amazed how you can him make look even more beautiful than in real life. The colors are… I have no words.

    • Hello Syl! 🙂 I hope you are well. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I had hoped you’d enjoy these!! Berlin Rob was something special wasn’t he? 😉 Take care.x

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