Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Berlin calling

Berlin, 17th February 2012

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Soooo, the first of what I hope will be a few wallpapers with the new photos – the trouble is choosing which ones to use.  And when I say trouble I just mean remembering to breathe – you know, the usual.  😉  Friday looked like it was an amazing day – I hope he enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed seeing him.  I know I’m talking like I was there but it was enough to be able to watch the livestreams and enjoy with friends.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this….until next time.xx


17 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Berlin calling”

  1. O____O Oh my god.
    This is to great. I love it.
    And yes he enjoyed it. I never saw him smiling so much. He seemed so relaxed.
    Maybe because the fans were so calm or because he wasn’t there for Twilight…
    And he was so nice to us fans. Ah… he’s just an amazing person. ❤

    • Thanks so much Syl – so happy you enjoyed this wallpaper. Hope it brings back some happy memories for you 😉 I totally agree – he’s an amazing person. Take care. *hugs*

  2. Oh cutie pie ! 🙂 ‘Cus even though the shaved head look is not my fav in all his looks, I really love the smaller pic. I think -and do I know I’m not the only one ;-b- that he has such beautiful features, and a *clearing throat and at the same time trying not to drol on my keyboard* beautiful mouth and delicate lips, that when he wears a little beard or a stronger goatie, it hides it, specially the upper one… but that is just my personnal taste, of course ! Jules the wallpaper is, as usual, beautiful, I like the way you have positioned both pics, and everything that is going around/behind him on the smaller pic, the movement it creates as he’s turning around (like you just called him hi hi hi), and the color tone you’ve chosen. So, regarding the problem I was telling you last time : do you know where I could have a -huge- discount on computer’s screens !?! LOL
    Take care dear Jules. You wrote there would be no new posting on last Friday -and there was a wallpaper- and you didn’t rest this week-end either ! So I hope you had a good one (I did, amoung other things I saw a few good friends and also went snoeshowing again, trying to enjoy the snow while we still have some !) Have a very good-week too. Tomorrow’s Monday, so as we say in French «on remets le collier» ! *hugs from Montréal* dear Jules 🙂
    Time flies… I’ll get to that email eventually ! Do you know that in Québec, l’Office de la langue française, “The Office Of French Language” as translated the word email (electronic mail) and as created “courriel”, from : courrier électronique. I think it’s very nice, and so far I think we still are the only one using it in the Francophonie. Chow chow ;-b

    • LOL snowshoeing, not snoeshowing !!!

    • Thanks so much Lynda – I am so pleased you enjoyed this one. I know we all have our favourite looks for him 😉 Mine is forever changing though – I can never make up my mind. 🙂 I had to laugh when you said it looks like I just called him – to make him turn around. If only! 😉 And sorry, no extra computer screens for you!! 🙂 The snowshoeing sounds like fun! I hope you’re having a good week. Sending hugs. xox

  3. haha Jules ….. I was wondering how long it would take you to make use of some of those Berlin photos! Apparently NOT very long at all! Seriously, NEVER has a buzz cut looked so good ….. he may as well go bald next …. I think it just makes us appreciate his other features more ……

    LOVED every minute of Rob footage from Berlin ~ he handled that press conference so well …. and that long coat he was wearing on the red carpet …..swoonworthy for sure! And he really did looked very relaxed and happy, so I hope he was. I gotta admit I melt every time he smiles and the occasional giggles just finish me off!

    Anyway, hope the next 3 days are calm for you (is that even possible?) Just remember to breathe …. and try not to scream or whimper too loudly in the theatre …. can’t wait to hear your reaction (although I think we can predict it already ! LOL) Take one for the team, Jules!

    • Oh swoon – that long coat at the premiere!! He looked stunning – it was fun watching him work his magic on the red carpet and with fans. He’s so good to them at these things. *happy sigh* Thanks so much for your lovely comment 🙂 And yes, 2 sleeps for me before Georges….*gives self pep talk* please, please don’t moan out loud in the cinema. Mortifiying. LOL Anyways, I’m re-reading Bel Ami just now before I go….am prepping. 😉 I’ll happily take one for the team my friend, I’m a trooper. 🙂 LOL Hopefully I’ll post something at some point this week….and it might make sense if we’re all lucky. 🙂 *hugs*

  4. St Jules – What can I say. I just love this wallpaper. Rob is the epitome of cool in sunnies and I’m loving the buzz cut. I know – I’ve love all his styles – but this one is just so manly and hunky and sexy. Like Lynda said, I love the way you have enhanced the movement with his jacket detail.
    I bet you are jumping out of your skin waiting for your moment with Georges. I’m jealous and excited for you. Squeeeeeee

    • Thanks so much Carmel – really appreciate your wonderful comment. Thrilled you enjoyed this and yes to the hunky, manly and sexy. LOL He’s got it going ON. 😉 Definitely getting excited for Bel Ami on Thursday….hopefully let you all know something at some point. Fingers crossed it will make sense too. 🙂 Take care.

  5. I love this !!!!
    Please make a wall with red carpet’s pictures !!!! *_*
    He was sooo hot ! 😛

  6. Nom, Nom, Nom… I could just stare at him for days!

  7. Aaaah ! Can’t wait for your comment about your date Bel Ami !!!

  8. Oh Top Gun!
    I see it!!!

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