Robert Pattinson desktop; inspired by Twi fan-fiction

First of all, happy Rob Bel Ami premiere day to you all!!  *flails*  So, SO excited to see him!! 🙂

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, today is going to be different.  No Friday edits but another in my (very) occasional ‘inspired by Twi fan fiction’ wallpapers.  This is for the lovely TongueTwied’s story ‘Harvard Can Wait’.  It’s a wonderful story about destiny/fate and there’s (for me) a definite supernatural vibe running through it too.  Anyway, I really loved this story and this wallpaper is the result of my initial musings. 🙂 I don’t want to say too much about the story and why I went so dark but there were scenes that really struck a chord with me emotionally and I went with that.  So yeah, I really don’t want to spoil the story by saying more in-case you read it but let me just say….another wonderful Edward *le sigh*.  I hope you enjoy this wallpaper anyway – in all it’s darkness.  🙂  I’ve also included (below) the banner I created – with feedback help from @17foreverlisa (thanks hon!).  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us kiTT – I am in awe!! ❤

The story link is here: “Harvard Can Wait”  Go on and clicky, you know you want to!!  🙂

Happy Friday and go get ’em Rob – can’t wait to see him work his premiere magic.  *le sigh*

12 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop; inspired by Twi fan-fiction”

  1. Oh gosh, Jules …… ANOTHER fanfic I haven’t read! I must say, this gorgeous wallpaper will inspire many of us to read “Harvard Can Wait”! God knows we all love a ‘wonderful Edward’…..and I love the tagline ~ sounds fascinating! And I adore the tones you used in the dark wallpaper ……..

    Sitting here watching the clock tick ….. not long now before we see Rob again ~ it’s been way too long ~ I always get nervous that the live streaming won’t work…….

    Have an awesome weekend Jules. Let’s hope we get treated to some more Georges asap …… of course, you’ll be beside yourself this time next week!!!!! Lucky dog!

    • Thanks Sue!! So glad you enjoyed this one and yes to the wonderful Edwards – I can’t get enough of those fics!! 🙂 So have you recovered from the glory that was Rob yesterday?? I am barely remembering to breathe while checking out all the amazing photos. Holy smokin’ moly. LOL I am having a think about what to do for next Friday….not sure if I’ll be coherent so…. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. It’s amazing how much of my story is packed into this desktop! And whether you did it on purpose on not, i can’t help but feel like it is all nestled into a heart shape amongst the dark tones. And that is what my story is about–love surviving the darkness. 🙂

    I cannot thank you enough Jules and I’ve been looking forward
    to this all week! Thank you for reading my story–it’s just bonus that you like it.

    You know how much I appreciate FF stories and them coming to life for us through art. And you, Lisa, and I have really strived to do this for other stories we love so it is such an honor for me that I’m on the receiving end of this, that it’s my story this time. 🙂 I love seeing ‘my characters’ and my story this way! Both the desktop and banner are beautiful.

    ***The story is very short, the equiv of a one short for anyone who is considering reading! And come back and take another look at Jules’ desktop afterward. All the details will really make sense! You’ll be in awe! I am.

    Damn I think I’m going to miss DuRobs–thank goodness for RPLife and ThinkingofRob!

    • You have no idea how happy I was to hear that you enjoyed this wallpaper!! It was such a pleasure to work on this and the banner for you and yes, I truly loved your story. Very beautifully written – I am in awe missy!! I didn’t want to say too much in my post because there are a few unexpected twists and turns along the way 😉 However, Edward trying to save his girl – just wonderful. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story with us. Enjoy catching up on the Berlin Rob goodness!! 😉 Take care and thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

  3. Oh WOW oh WOW ! Jules it’s beautiful ! *stomping feet with excitment* I’ve always loved the pic where he hold her in his arms, I really love the darker tones and the monochrome, Jules your wallpapers are really my fav in your art pieces, and I do want to read kiTT’s story 🙂 And the banner is very romantic… My only problem with your wallpapers is that I don’t have enough computers screens to put them on all at once hi hi hi ;-b
    I watched the Berlin press conference live stream, it was interesting to hear the director and Rob (the close-ups when HE was smiling – it’s a killer) talk about Georges, and you, lucky girl, are going to meet him very soon aaaah. So far March 2 is still on for the Canadian première. Have a good week-end *warm greetings from Montréal* 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment Lynda!! 🙂 I am so happy to hear that you enjoy this one too. That is one of my favourite photos of him too I have to admit – love the drama of it. I used it before in my wallpaper inspired by Adele’s song ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ – if you haven’t seen it let me know and I’ll find it for you!! 😉 LOL at your comment about not having enough screens. I seem to be addicted to ‘playing’ with him in photoshop – I can’t help myself. 😉 Happy to hear you saw the press conference – me too!! It was a wonderful day – I’m still trying to catch up on all the amazing photos coming out from it!! 🙂 Have a great weekend. *hugs*

  4. Jules is this an Edward you fell in love with *giggles* – sorry I missed this yesterday – not sure why apparently there was some film premiere or something

    • bwahahahaha – yeah, what are the odds of that happening huh?? 😉 Thanks for your comment hon!! Yeah, I think there was something going on yesterday but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was…. *grins like an idiot* xx

  5. I didn’t get to see this until Saturday and the wallpaper entranced me. I had the fic in my forever-long, to-be-read list, but in order to totally understand the wallpaper, I took your suggestion and read it. Well, I did more than read, I consumed it actually.

    The dark undertones was perfect. The light shining through the trees and him carrying her in the rain totally captures the climax of the story. Sitting in the meadow in varying ages….geez Jules, you captured everything !!!!

    • awww, thanks so much bb!! I am thrilled this made you read the story and you think it manages to capture it that way. Totally grinning like an idiot here – thank you!! 🙂 Hope you are well. *hugs*

  6. Hey girls!
    Just wanted to check back in!

    Harvard Can Wait is currently being rec’d on the Lemonade Stand!

    Thanks for all the support, especially to you Jules! All of my pals saw this desktop and let me know how much they liked it, how lucky I was to have you make it. (Agreed) So I’m passing their compliments on to you. 🙂

    And rdmickey, so glad you came out to read the story!

    • Hey kiTT – oh wow, that’s so awesome it’s being rec’d there!! Congrats with that!!!! 🙂 So deserved. I need to put the wallpaper on twitter – sorry, I totally forgot to do that. o.O Will get it out there this week – just incase it lets a couple more folks know about it. 🙂 Thanks for letting us know here and I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the banner/wallpaper. You are very welcome. Take care.

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