Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Bel Ami

When you already have nothing....

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Oh Georges!! *le sigh*   This is another attempt from me with that bad boy Georges Duroy.  I wanted to try my hand at a movie poster I guess and this has been swirling around in my head for a little while.  Just a vague idea until now.  Obviously the tagline used is just my own – ‘When you already have nothing, what is there to lose?’ – it was just what I was trying to convey in the wallpaper.  I hope it makes sense 😉

This would have come along eventually but was spurred on to be a birthday treat for Vertigo over at RPAU site.  However, this is now the final version after some tweaks.   Anyway, constructive criticism always welcome….I really want to try to keep improving.  So feel free to lay it on me about composition and what not.

Oh and if you haven’t already checked out Maria’s AMAZING video tribute to Georges over at RPAU – click here <youtube> to check it out.  You won’t regret it – soooo HOT!!!!  No seriously.  You will not remember your own name after watching him in action.  Just saying. 🙂

(For you lovely regular visitors there won’t be any normal edits on Friday….I’m giving myself a little break.  However there will be a fan fiction wallpaper….kiTT I’m just giving you a heads up!!).

Thanks for stopping by. xx

27 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Bel Ami”

  1. Amazing….. *sigh*

  2. Incredibly AWESOME…<3 Thanks!!!

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  4. Dearest Jules… beautiful desktop! Thank you!!!!

    • Hello Roberta! Thank you so much, you are too kind – I’m thrilled you enjoy this one. I wish you lots of luck for the Berlin Premiere – hope you have a wonderful time!! xox

  5. Oh wow ! Jules, this is beautiful and original ! It is smoke, isn’t it ? It could also look like a glass filled with them, and HE is looking at his life and opportunities. For fun, here is my thoughts about this piece of art. The global shape is very harmonious, the right side being balanced by the left one. Nice is the way you have positioned the actresses and his face at the bottom. Also the texture in the black background… you thought of everything so our eyes can have fun looking everywhere. And your own tagline (I’m learning a new english word here ;-p) is perfect ! Since you asked for constructive criticism, if I may, I don’t know how to clearly express it, it concerns his bigger head inside the “glass/smoke”, I feel his face could be less drastically cut in half by the shadow so to fit inside with the others, it is only a matter of shape, nothing more, I say that because of all the collage I did in another life, the way one shape relates to the next one, and you got it perfectly with the way you have positionned the heads of the women in it… oh boy that doesn’t explain it very well * sigh * Sometimes I feel like a 5 years old because of my limited english vocabulary. But en résumé Jules : I truly enjoy your beautiful Art 🙂 Thank you ! I have to stop writing long post on your blog if I want to email you LOL ! Have a very good week, take care * hugs from Montréal *

    • Oh Lynda! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment 🙂 Seriously, there is something that is not right with this for me but I was struggling to work out what. I mean, I like it but there is just something off and I know it’s got something to do with his face on the left being too dark. What you said makes perfect sense and I think I will try to work on this some more one day to improve it. Just for my own sanity! LOL It is actually smoke there but I love your idea about the glass. 🙂 I’m beginning to think it needs nothing there though if I position the figures a little tighter. I was just going for some separation from both sides of his life. Hmmm, I will definitely give this more thought and don’t be too surprised if one day I do an update post!! 🙂 People will be sick of the sight of this!! hahaha Take care Lynda – have a good week. *hugs*

      • Hello dear Jules 🙂 Thanks for answering. Yes, I also thought that you were going for that separation from both sides of his life, so you DID succeed in achieving the idea ! Here is my feeling about it that I’m going to try to explain better then last night, again if I may… : it’s not so much in tightening the elements together, as a matter of fact, maybe his face could even be more on the left so to follow and achieve the inside line of the “smoke/glass” with his cheek and temple, and I think it would balance even more the right side of the wallpaper ( because of the global shape of it and the light ) and also, about the shadowy side, (although I think the pic is like that from what I remember), even if it gives a nice dramatic effect, because it is cut in half with such a straight line, it doesn’t relate to the shapes of the women on its left, it’s like it could have some “roundness” in it, just to see a hint of the other side of his face maybe, so that the black gap (wanted for the separation) would still be there, but its shape would be in “relation”, ok this is much more easier to show then to describe in another language (I don’t have a printer, otherwise I would print it, cut it and play with the shapes – I know it is old school, but I am illiterate with Photoshop LOL) I think I could summerize in saying that every shape counts, even the “empty” ones, even the dark shadows, ‘cus they all have their own shape that relates to the others. Ouf ! Is it clearer ??? Well, I will never get tired of looking at your work, so if one day you work on it I will be happy to see it again ! Take care dear Jules, and in advance I also wish you a good week-end since you will not be posting this Friday. *sunny -and not too cold- hugs from Montréal ! * 🙂 And, lucky you, Bel Ami is getting closer and closer… *panting* (BTW I read a big part of The Office… OMFG 😉 )

  6. Jules, I reread what I wrote yesterday evening and I realised that I’ve been pretty much repeating myself today 😦 Hope I didn’t annoyed you, please excuse-me if that is so !

    • Oh The Office c’est magnifique! One of my favs!

    • Hello Lynda 🙂 Please don’t worry – I really enjoyed your comments and am not annoyed in the slightest. That’s crazy talk. 🙂 I am taking everything on board and after having a play about with him last night realised I need either better skills or a better quality photo on the left – it just started to look strange when I pulled back the dark. LOL I won’t give up though and will be back with something one day I hope! 🙂 And your choice of comment about The Office sums it up perfectly. hahaha You saw my wallpaper for it right? 😉 I do plan on posting this Friday just not regular edits – it will be another wallpaper inspired by fan fiction. 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week. 🙂

      • Thanks, and yes, I’v seen the wallpaper inspired by The Office, it’s one that I really really like 🙂 I’ve send it to a couple of people (I’m working on converting my female friends to loving Rob :-b ) and soon I’m going to send them the link to The Office… Being actually single, it is so humm… very entertaining to say the least !!! Hope you’re having a good week too 🙂 *hugs*

        • You know, I think I remember us talking about that Office wallpaper now that you say that. Sorry – I have a terrible memory which is only getting worse with age and Rob distractions. LOL Good luck converting your friends to Rob….I am trying to do the same!! 😉

  7. Another gorgeous Georges wallpaper …… thanks Jules! I loved reading Lynda’s suggestions …… much more practical than mine would be! And I love your tagline, Jules ~ great idea. (Oh, and wasn’t Maria’s vid awesome? Imagine seeing all THAT and more on the big screen?!!!)

    So another fanfic wallpaper to look forward to, huh …… can’t wait! Have a wonderful week!

    • Hey Sue! 🙂 Thanks so much for the lovely comment, I appreciate it very much and yes, Maria’s vid was sooooo good! 😀 I try and watch it when I can. It’s a keeper!! 😉 Fingers crossed you get confirmation of a release date there very soon! I’ll be emailing you very soon, just a bit of a hectic week. Take care, hope it’s a good one for you. x

  8. No edits on Friday? I can survive one Friday? lol

    I know KiTT’s work too, so I am licking my lips at what she has in store.

    Bel Ami…sigh. Still no update for USA/Canada. Do you have a big enough pocketbook to hold me? I could do so many things….. Visit Scotland which I have always wanted to do, see Bel Ami, rummage through your hard drive and to kiss you. Just make sure you warn hubs first and I will as well.

    Thanks again for making me moan to my computer. It seriously rolls its eyes when I click on my alert. I think it’s ears hurt. 🙂

    • LOL you sure make me laugh !!! Thanks.:-) And I also would love to visit Scotland that’s been calling me for quite a while – and now I add meeting Jules !About Bel Ami, according to the site Allociné.ca, it will be release March 2 in Canada, like the alleged US date. I’ve already planned a screening on Friday night, and another one on Saturday afternoon, so it better be true grrrrr..

      • Oh, I hope March 2 is true, I can only hope. There is no whispers of Rob doing any promo’s other than Film Festival and with all the information out there contradicting the date, I am not holding my breath.

    • Aww, LOL. Thanks so much bb – it makes me happy to know you’ll miss my edits. 🙂 Sooo frustrating about Bel Ami release date for you there – I am keeping everything crossed for good news soon. LOL You’ve got a few weeks to save up for your Scotland trip then – March 9th! Probably won’t help if I whisper 7 sleeps for me though….no??
      Friday should be a wallpaper inspired by kiTT’s fan fic 🙂 I’ve had it ready and waiting for a wee while. 🙂 Have a good week bb. x

  9. no Friday edits? SLACKER
    This is stunning!

  10. ps-looking forward to Friday!

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  12. Oh wow. This is amazing. I love the picture on the right side so much. I’m always surprised what you do with his eyes. They are even more beautiful and intense than in real life. -___- Oh and his premiere magic on friday was on full power. 😉 He smiled the hole day and was so nice to his fans. I love him even more now. And I never thought this was possible. I’m just so amazed by his personality. He is always so thankful and down to earth. It was nice to see him just like ever. I really hope that he’ll never change. Oh and the movie is great. I really liked the emotional scenes. You can see that he is working a lot to get better as an actor. I heard only positive feedback from older viewers, too. The german critics sucked but they were full of Twilight or Edward mentions. And his ‘new’ haircut… It’s so ridiculous. I can’t take any of them seriously. But I’m just so sad for Rob. I don’t know why seems to be so hard to see him as an actor. U have the feeling there’s a rule that nobody can write one positive thing about his acting. 😦 I really hope this will get better after BD II is out. He deserves to get a real chance. OK, that was long. xD But I really love the wallpaper. Now I’m in friday mode again. 😉

    • Hi Syl :). Omg, I’m so happy for you that you got to see him at the premiere! It must have been an amazing experience. :). I am so pleased to hear he seemed to enjoy it too….from what I’ve seen from the livestream and videos he looked to be in good spirits….its great to hear you say the same! I am in awe of him, he is soooo good to his fans I totally agree with you. I can’t believe how many photos and signings (is that a word? LOL) he did that day. Petfect man. 🙂 And you enjoyed the film? Excellent! I agree with you about the reviewers too….I don’t think many give him a fair shot. A lot just seem like personal attacks and bitter about the success of Twilight or something. I honestly don’t get it. 😦 like you, there are not many I feel I can take seriously. *sigh* hopefully that will change soon. Anyway, thank you for letting me know about your experience, I am really happy for you. My turn with Georges next….I see him on Thursday!!!! :). Take care oh and I’m really glad you enjoyed this wallpaper too.xx

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