Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits

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Happy Friday everyone!!  So unless you’ve been living on the moon lately you will know that Rob’s real fans/supporters pulled together and pushed him and Cosmopolis to an amazing victory in the MTV online movie brawl (for those who couldn’t vote but wanted to – I know you were with us in spirit!!).  Yes it was just a silly online poll, and yes it isn’t guaranteed box office numbers BUT there was a feeling of wanting to prove to him (and possibly the outside world if they’d listen!) how much we support HIM and his future career.  I am so excited about Cosmopolis – it’s going to be amazing.  I just know it!! 🙂

So the lovely Sue who comments here and over at RPAU had the brilliant idea of adding David Cronenberg’s recent wonderful comments about Rob into my Friday edits.  These are just a quick attempt, I hope you enjoy.  To read the fantastic interview with David Cronenberg in full check it out over at RPAU <here>

Until next time! xx

29 comments on “Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits”

  1. Stunning and brilliant!

    Thanks Sue

  2. Ohhh I’m loving the moving Packer.
    These are fantastic edits! I like the beanie one too!
    It makes me smile.

    But pffft….like Cronenberg needed to say any of those things
    to get me to come see his movie.

    Just add Rob. Done deal. 😉
    Have a great weekend!

    • thanks my lovely and I’m glad you plan on seeing it. I can’t wait!! It’s just soooo cool that someone as amazing and talented as David Cronenberg says such wonderful things about Rob – we already know it all but it’s nice to hear someone else say it. LOL Take care.

  3. Mmmmm…nothing better than enjoying my breakfast and looking at your beautiful edits my friend. The Packer gif is so H.O.T!!!! Love it!! Love them all. Thanks for making this rainy Friday a lot brighter.
    Hugs – T

    • Hey babe!! Thank you so much! I was going to say I’m glad I can put a smile on your face in the morning but that might be taken out of context. LOL 😉 So happy you enjoyed these – thanks for stopping by. *mwah* xoxo

  4. Okay, I still haven’t thought of anything original to write, Jules, but I’ll start with ‘THANK YOU’!!! I’m absolutely loving what you’ve done with Cronenberg’s beautiful words ~ you certainly did them justice and everyone thinks your edits are awesome. My favourite is, of course, “He’s just a ray of sunshine” ~ your choice of beanie Rob is brilliant and I think I’m going to frame it (if you don’t mind?), ‘coz seriously, THAT’S exactly what Rob is to all of us, right?

    “The War Within” edit is superb, too … oh, heck … they’re all awesome, Jules! Again, I’ll just say a heartfelt thank you … you’ve made my day! Have a wonderful weekend …. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next time! Big hugs from OZ! Take care.

    • Oh Sue!! hello! 🙂 I am so happy you are enjoying these and thanks again for the idea to use the quotes. It was a bit of a rush once I decided I’d try to get them out today but so pleased you girls seem to be enjoying them. 🙂 Of course I don’t mind if you want to use that beanie edit – I would be honoured if you did! Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement, have a lovely weekend. *hugs from Scotland* 😉

  5. Wahoooo ! 🙂 Jules you nailed it again, thank you ! And thanks to Sue for the idea of the Cronenberg’s words, (I agree with her comment, and BTW, what is «beanie» standing for ? His hat ? ) because it’s just perfect together (pics & words). I was touched and have to confess that I had water in my eyes reading those words, because I want so much for him to be able to pursue the career he deserves if that is what he wants to continue doing… I’m hopless, I cry too easily I know, but better that than being « blasée» * sigh * I know I’m old enough to be his – young – mom, but this guy really touched me with his overall beauty and his – public – personnality. Jules, I will email you within the next week, ‘cus yes, I’d love to chat with you a little bit if you want too 🙂 Thank you again for putting beautiful sunshine’s Rob in my morning and have a very good week-end 🙂 I’m gonna start calling you « a national treasure » ! * hugs from Montréal *

    • Hello Lynda! I hope you are well. Thank you so so much for your wonderful comment. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed these edits! I agree with all you said about Rob of course, so nice to read such supportive comments about him! 🙂 Makes me smile! Hope you are enjoying your weekend hon, thanks again and yes email anytime. 🙂 take care *hugs*

  6. (happy dance )wow dear 🙂

  7. Jules… these are awesome!!!! Thank you dear, you’re a star! Roberta

    • Thanks so much Roberta!! You’re too kind. xx By the way – are you still going to Glasgow Film Festival for Bel Ami? Which day? I’ve got tickets for the 23rd. Email me if you want to discuss. 🙂 Take care

  8. You know it make this mother hen poke her chest out proudly when people like Cronenberg talk that way about Robert. We felt and knew it already, but for the power hitters to be saying it, just makes us all proud as a peacock. Twilight may have made me find Robert, but Robert is why I have stayed.

    P.s. Cosmopolis_edit8 after all this time, still does wonders for my feathers. *winks*

    Sorry I am late bb. Had the flu and just went back to work. My desk is unbelievable!!

  9. You continue to awe me, Jules. These edits are absolutely brilliant! I love the quotes (shout-out to Sue for the suggestion) You should be contracted out to promote all of Rob’s projects. Seriously. *hugs*

    • Aww bless you for always being so generous with your comments about my ‘stuff’ Suze!! I hope you know how much I appreciate it – because I really do!! 🙂 So thrilled you enjoyed these!! Happy to be here and share these with you all. *hugs*

  10. This the first time I comment, english is my weakness … I want you to know that all your edits I seem impressive. I saw the first gif in ToR, today I have seen it on tumblr, I was going to reblog and noticed that it was not you who posted, always the same, damn it.
    Take care. A warm greeting

    • hello! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment and yes, I agree – tumblr can be frustrating at times. o.O I am a big fan of your work over there by the way – your Rob edits are beautiful. 🙂 Thank you again, take care. Your English is excellent by the way!! xx

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