Experimental Friday; a few Rob photo edits

Happy Friday all!!  Click on the thumbnails if any float your Rob boat.

I thought I’d ‘do’ Dossier photoshoot Rob this time around….the awesomeness (that’s a word, right??) that was Rob at the PCAs this week has breifly been hinted at in the last couple.  I will be taking a closer look at those pics for another Friday/desktop – just not enough time this week. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday/weekend.


16 comments on “Experimental Friday; a few Rob photo edits”

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  2. I can’t belive that it’s been so long since I wrote here. 😦 But I was at home and get obsessed with CastleVille. Rob came way too short. And your beautiful arts, too. 😦 I love #10. I was always a fan of this shoot. There are so many great pictures. But we need a new photoshoot! 2010 is way to long away. And #12 and #13 are my faves, too. I think the picture of #12 is my favorite of the PCAs. It’s just so grrrr. XD I like the hair. Still hope it’s for a new movie. So I can’t wait for the destop. 😉 I still use the one with Rob in the snow.^^

    • I am using her recent BD1 London snow at work and VF snow at home.

    • Hello! Happy new year!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, I’m so happy you enjoy these. And yes, Rob at the PCAs is just grrrrr – he looked amazing!! 🙂 Oh you wanted a desktop….hopefully you’ll enjoy my new post then!! 😉 Thank you so much for using that snow scene one still – I admit that is a favorite for me!! Take care.xx

  3. Comes running in flapping arms and screams…..It’s Friday….it’s friday….it’s licking time!!
    Speaks gibberish at the computer and moans. Good thing I don’t have voice recongnition installed on it. No telling what it would do with the sounds I make. lmao

    I love the play in colors in D1, and the lighting in D12
    No matter what his look is…it is always damn good. 🙂

    • lmfao!! Voice recogntition software would be so screwed (as it were) whenever Rob was on screen. hahaha perfect. Glad you enjoyed these bb – thanks so much for your comment. xx

  4. Hello Jules ! Thank you again for these amazing pics, I like what you have done in D1, the play of B&W, the light and the touch of color. He is soooo cute and sexy, with or without hair, my glasses get foggy too ! I just love his personnality, and the fact that he can dressed up so good, but also can go to an award show dressed very casually, like he doesn’t really care about it… makes him so real… BTW I still have the Rob Winterland on my computer, I don’t get tired of it, your art is so beautiful 🙂 Speaking of snow, the 1rst week of the year I was in the countryside for 5 days, about 3 hours north of Montréal, at a friends’s house remoted (?) in the wood. They have an immense 200 acres piece of land, the house is like 800 metres away from the dirt road, we have to get to it on snowshoe, wow ! I snowshoed everyday, it was absolutely beautiful with all the trees covered in snow. No phone, no tv, no internet (but a dvd player !), just the beauty, the purety, the silence… I miss it already ! But I’m glad to be back to have my Rob’s fix 😉 thanks to you and the girls at ToR. Again a very good year to you and your loved ones Jules ! (and no, it seems I can’t write short post 😉 ) Jules, here is not the place, but I would be interested in knowing your point of view about Scotland independance, we have the same kind of topic here in Québec province. Take care *Snowy hugs from Montréal *

    • Hi Lynda! *waves* Thank you so much for your amazing comment. Happy you enjoyed these edits and wow that you are still using the Rob Winterland desktop!! Makes me smile to hear that!! Oh and that friend’s remote house sounds like heaven – it must have been beautiful with all the snow around! If you want to chat more by the way – feel free to email me. I think my address should be in the ‘about this blog’ page but let me know if you can’t find it. 🙂 I’m not always quick to reply but I do get there. LOL Take care. 🙂

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  6. So tell me, Jules …. just HOW MUCH FUN did you have doing these?!!!! Awesome job ~ my heart is still racing as I type this ….I think I’ll need to go meditate after I’m done here! (I only hope that if I should die of a heart attack, from looking at photos of Rob , that it will be widely reported that way, so that everyone knows I died EXTREMELY happy! LOL) Thanks again, Jules.

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