Robert Pattinson desktop; Cosmopolis – it’s all in the Details

Want to ride with Eric????

Click here to download <1920×1200> size

Click here to download <1368×768> size

The above is based on one of my recent Cosmopolis experimental edits (see previous post) and I just wanted to adapt it a bit for a wallpaper.Ā  I know a lot of us adore the Details photoshoot so I did this for us all šŸ˜‰Ā  Yup, that’s right – I took one for the team, staring at this stunning photo for hours on end.Ā  It would have been finished earlier but I kept on daydreaming….my glasses may actually have fogged up at one point but that’s probably too much info. šŸ™‚

Anyhoo – I really hope you enjoy this one.Ā  Until next time. xx

5 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop; Cosmopolis – it’s all in the Details”

  1. Oh I am first? That has not happened in a long time. Oh well…that’s ok, Being on top is…well…..yea…you know where my mind went. šŸ™‚ RobHoor 4ever. *snorts*

    This photo has always been so sexy to me. The spread eagle of him and her. The unbuttoned shirt, the placement of his hand on her thigh…. that look that says I am ready and eager to devour. Yea, it is all in the details isn’t it hon?

    *fans self* ok. I gotta stop cause I can fog your glasses and I am all the way across the Atlantic. *whistles slow*

    • Bwhahahahaha being on top. *snorts* thanks so much for your wonderful comment as always. Made me LOL :). Glad you enjoyed this one bb & I agree, this photo is soooo amazing. Just GUH! *mwah*

  2. Oh dang. I totally missed that lil comment…wanna ride with Eric? It was hiding.

    Oh yes. yes. yesssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    Ride with, in, on…..whateva word you wanna use, lol

    *slaps hands* (hey they do the typing ya know?)
    Bad Mickey, so bad.
    Sorry hon. šŸ˜‰

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