Robert Pattinson photo edits; Hello 2012!!

Happy New Year, yup I’ve scheduled this for 12.01am (UK time) so here we go!!!!  These were featured originally over at RPAU earlier today, thanks again girls! I rambled on yesterday and thanked you all for visiting here so let’s just get down to business.  Yes, appreciating Rob. We may as well start as we mean to go on, right?? 🙂  Here’s my look ahead to his forthcoming movies for 2012….Bel Ami, BD2 and Cosmopolis. Just a bit of fun. Oh and if you want some music in the background while you view – this popped into my head: “I’m so excited” by The Pointer Sisters<youtube link>  *LOL*  No really, skip on to the chorus and just belt it out.  You’ll feel better for it. 🙂

Hope you enjoy these edits and *raises glass* cheers to Rob and all of you – hope you have a really wonderful year. xoxo

18 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits; Hello 2012!!”

  1. Amazing creations! You have a very creative mind!

  2. Happy New Year ! Bonne Année dear Jules ! I wish you happiness, health, friendship and love. May 2012 fulfill all your needs, and a few dreams and (Rob related ? 😉 ) desires too ! May it be a beautiful, gentle and easy year, with more peace within us and in the outside world… *sigh*. I’ll be following you (and Rob) in 2012 for sure. Between you and ToR, I know I’ll find everything I need to have a wonderful Rob year, so thank you again for sharing with us your amazing art. In less then 2 hours it’s gonna be 2012 in Québec 🙂
    * Big friendly hugs from Montréal Jules *

    • Bonne Année Lynda 🙂 Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2012!! Thank you once again for your support and kind words here 🙂 Here’s to some fantastic Rob times this year *raises glass*
      *hugs from Scotland* 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Jules! Wow, haven’t we been spoilt over the last 48 hours?!!! The RPAU banner is fantastic and these edits seriously left me speechless when I first saw them! SO worth the wait, Jules, thank you again. As for ‘ogling Rob’, well, that’s exactly what I was doing at midnight, so I guess that’s a good omen for 2012!!!

    Hope the coming year is filled with happiness and laughter and many wonderful moments, both Rob-related and otherwise! I’m seriously glad you decided to share your beautiful talent with us, Jules ~ it’s like sprinkling your very own fairy magic across our screens each week …….

    • Happy New Year Sue!! 🙂 Thank you so very much for your kind words and support here and over at RPAU – you’re amazing. Thrilled you enjoyed the banner and edits – puts a big smile on my face!! Wishing you and your loved ones a truly wonderful 2012. *hugs*

  4. […] Here’s a set of great photo-edits by @CreationsJules […]

  5. W00t!! Happy New Year cutie!! I knew you’d blow us away right from the get go!! Love these new Rob edits, they’re just what I needed to start off the New Year. Outstanding work again my friend. You’ve always made ogling Rob that much more fantastic. Thanks for these lovelies………….I’m going back to ogling now. *wink*.

    Happy 2012!!

  6. *throws confetti* 2012 starts off with a bang !!
    Thanks for making me smile, faint, drool, pant, moan….all through the year!

  7. Brilliant edits, hon! 2012: the year of Georges and Eric. Bring It On!

  8. What a great job Jules!!!!! Love Eric… I’ve done a few also with the Detail pics… so hot! Hey, Happy New Year darling!

    • Hello lovely! Thank you so much for your great comment. So happy you enjoyed these. I will have to go look for your Details edits! :). I love that photoshoot so much too! :). Happy New Year! Xx

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