Experimental Friday; say helloooo to Vanity Fair Rob

Yes! It’s Vanity Fair time here in my little corner….sizes are mainly 500×600, click the thumbnails if you’d like to download for personal use 😉

Happy Friday my lovelies!  Hope this finds you well….so the problem with messing with Vanity Fair Rob is trying to STOP messing with Vanity Fair Rob.  I have practically had to sit on my hands to stop me from whipping out every pic I have in my VF folder. o.O  So, with that in mind I’m pretty sure I’ll be paying another visit to him one day and I hope the ones I chose for today’s post make you smile, pant, swoon, lick the screen….all of the above. 😉

Take care and thanks for stopping by.xx

(original pics – Vanity Fair….I think I’m just trying to see how many times I can type Vanity Fair in one post….these original pics, they’re not mine I just wanted to experiment on them.  Just saying.) 🙂


23 comments on “Experimental Friday; say helloooo to Vanity Fair Rob”

  1. Why hello there Vanity Fair Rob … *_________*

  2. Some of the best Rob…yummy. Thanks Jules

  3. […] always: amazing work by @CreationsJules. Be sure to check out her site (CLICK […]

  4. just fantastic VF is the best photo shoot for him ,thanks dear and marry x,mass 🙂

  5. Puts on seatbelt, pulls straps tight. Clicks open and grabs chair arms.

    *chanting* I am not gonna faint, I am not gonna faint and squeezes eyes shut.

    Opening one eye at a time, the moan that escapes my lips is out of my control. (at least I am still upright and conscious) 😉

    2009 is when I started going into Rob induced comma’s. Although the cougarish tendencies in me fluvs the WFE look and the shorter hair on the sides and back, I started to really fall for the man in 2009. I was late, I know. But I swear the man just gets better and better.

    I think it is the looks he provides in VF01 and VF12 that does it, no matter what his hair looks like or anything else he has on. I never really thought eyebrows were so dang special. But if he cocks one or furrows them together, then I am a puddle of twitching moaning goo.

    Finally finished going through them all. Man….he has that look in just about all of these babe. *shivers* and grabs smelling salts.

    WHOHOO. I survived a Jules Friday!!!! 🙂 :-):-)

    • *wipes tears* oh babe I’m lmfao at your response – that was priceless!!!! 🙂 Thank you sooooo much and seriously I’m thrilled you survived in one piece. LOL And hey, I was even later to the Rob party….*hangs head in shame* I thought he was great (I know, just great – whatev!!) right up until I saw Remember Me at the theatre and seriously it was like my hormones just lit up like a freaking Christmas tree (I’m using a seasonal comparison for effect – LOL), so yeah. My Rob goggles have been firmly in place ever since and apart from anything else he is my muse. 🙂 You are so right about ‘the looks’….can rarely make up my mind which style or whatever I prefer with him but he will always be perfect! *happy sigh* Thanks again babe. 🙂

  6. Jules….you are, without question….a genius, an artist, and an inspiration :p love love love it

  7. Awesome Jules! VF Rob is spectacular *sigh*

  8. Bonjour from Montréal to the artitistic Creationsbyjules! Thank you for answering yesterday and thank you for your nice words 🙂 I just saw your Friday art on ToR and I left this small message there : « Oh, the work on his shirt on the first pic, beautiful ! Creationsjules, you bring this amazing VF 2009 photoshoot to another level. Again, thank you ! » I used to draw ( loved to do portrait and live nude model ) but I’m a total Photoshop’s ignorant, except for one thing (‘cus I have a friend who works with it ) : I know first hand that you are very very talented with it !
    I am a new Robert fan, only since this summer. No, I was not hiding under a rock 😉 but I don’t know why, I only became aware of him last June, first with Remember Me and then Eclipse, and that’s where I went completely nuts ! I found myself becoming very fond of this man, even though I don’t know him personnaly, but with all that we can see in his interviews and people who have worked with him, he is simply amazing as a human being, and of course he is incredibly georgous, and I really want to follow his career, movies and music alike. Now I’m going to say something very personnal here, just to you (ok I know I’m on the Net but maybe just you will have read that far ?) and only my best friends know that : *whispering * I respect him so much that I can’t and don’t want to fantazise about him !!! Maybe I’m just crazy !?! Ha ha ha ;-b But I LOVE looking at him, be it an interview, a picture or a movie. :-Q_____
    Well, on another topic : I also went to Vancouver and Toronto, but snif snif no I’ve never been to Scotland (yet !), so I’ve been admiring from Montréal : browsed the Internet and looked at some books and dvds at work (I work in a public library). I thought about going next year, but I won’t have enough money and also I realised it was the Olympics Games !!! Not a good time to be traveling. So I’m waiting a little. I know that Scotland and Québec province also have some points in commun.
    OK I’ve got to run for work. Hope this message is not too long. You too take care, hope to read more from you when you’ll have the time. And thanks for putting more beauty in this world with THA MAN as your inspiration, we all need it. 🙂 Bye for now. Amicalement.

  9. Always so beautiful edits. I love the colors. But #5? OMG I’m obsessed with this pic.^^

  10. Can I mess with Vanity Fair Rob? Pretty please, with sugar on top. So let’s see here: smile…check… pant…check…swoon…check…lick the screen…check check check. :p-)

  11. Hummm can I add, despite what I wrote yesterday, that it is very hard not to fantazise about THE MAN… 😉 I’m looking again at your pieces of art, and this is so one of my favorite photoshoot of him * sigh * I might end up licking my – dusty – screen… Ok more praises for your work 🙂 I’m very impressed with the work you’ve done on the shirt in pic12. It really looks like the shirt was printed that way. I send it with the « winter wonderland Rob» to some friends and family, and even if they are not Rob fans, they all said that your art work with Photoshop was amazing. Oh and I love the beautiful «castle Rob», it had been on my desk for quite a while ‘cus it was posted on ToR, and now, knowing you took the picture, it makes it even more interesting ! Thank you for sharing with us. * hugs from Montréal * we are not even under snow yet, the wether is really not normal ! Have a good week.

    • Hello Lynda! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments here! 🙂 I hope you are having a good week so far? I agree with everything you said about Rob – he really does seem wonderful, amazing, perfect – inside and out. 🙂 and wow that you showed a couple of my creations to others! I’m so happy to hear they appreciated them! I am always amazed to hear things like that. Thank you for being so kind and it made me smile to hear you had previously been using the CastleRob wallpaper too. 🙂 Take care and I hope the rest of your week goes well. xx

  12. Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules …. there really are no words for these VF Rob creations! You ARE a genius and yes, I have smiled (like a kid in a candy shop!)), panted (hard & heavy!), swooned (like a school girl) and licked the screen (ok, not really, but I kinda wanted to!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! Saw these on Friday, but my iPhone does them no justice ~ couldn’t wait too get home tonight to ogle appropriately. Rob in the snow, Rob in the grass, Rob drinking a beer, even Rob smoking ~ all brilliant. And I love what you did with the last image re his shirt, looks amazing! Any time you want to pay VF Rob another visit, you go right ahead and know that you’ll be making a lot of us very happy indeed! How could we NOT fall in love with this man, honestly?!!! Keep smiling!

    • Hi Sue! LOL thanks for your wonderful comment. I’m so happy to hear these made you smile…. 🙂 So many pics from that shoot are beyond amazing – I wish we would get HQ versions….of everything. Does that sound greedy?? LOL Welcome back by the way!! 🙂 Take care and I hope you are having a good week. xx

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