Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Winter Wonderland

The one where I try to make it snow....on Rob

Click here to download size <1920×1200>

Click here to download size <1368×768>

Weirdest thing.  I was working on this last night, trying to make it snow and guess what happened?  It snowed here, for real – first time this year.  So by my twisted logic I’m thinking if I photoshop him in my bed then….what??  A woman can dream right??  tee hee  Sorry, moving on.

I hope you enjoy Winter Wonderland Rob – I only added in a new sweater covered arm for him so that he wouldn’t be cold.  (your eyes are really wide right about now huh?  Worried? LOL)  So don’t look too closely.  Seriously, don’t look! His sweater is all bent out of shape but I had already spent too much time trying to do the, well, everything.  LOL If it bugs you just look away.  Pretend it didn’t happen.  o.O

The lyrics used in the wallpaper are taken from Gabriella Cilmi’s “Warm This Winter” <click for youtube link>  Lyrics found on

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17 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; Winter Wonderland”

  1. OOO. He looks like he could use some warming up. Jumps up and announces. “I volunteer to be in the rear”.

    Reason? Cause I am NOT letting him go. Thanks for the new wallpaper hon!

  2. He wouldn’t have to ask me twice. Love your theory about photoshopping in bed. 😉 Beautiful wallpaper hon.

  3. oh yes I love winter ! 😀
    thank you Jules !!!

  4. So here I am, saying thank you again ( 1rst it was on ToR ) and what an amazingly beautiful piece of art you have done here with THE MAN * sigh * I’ve been browsing your site and I just really love your work, and I also enjoy very much your sens of humour ! Sorry for the mistakes, my mother-tongue is french (oh right now I’m thinking about all the jeux de mots I could do with french and THE MAN, but I’ll pass… for this time ;-b Thank you, have a good week ! * cheers from Montréal, Québec *

  5. haha …. I think you should try that photoshop in your bed, Jules ….. and a few other places while you’re at it (*wink*) …. don’t forget to add him to your Christmas list ~ God knows he’s on the top of mine (even hubs knows!)! Of course, your creations are as close as I’ll get, but it’s nice to dream, right!

    Lucky you, re the snow falling! White Xmas sounds nice ….. and visualising Rob walking across the snow, looking like THAT ~OMG, there are no words! Beautiful job, Jules …. let us know if you have any luck “realising” your ‘other’ dreams! LOL

    • LOL Sue! Thanks for your wonderful comment – sorry it’s taken so long to say hi. Been one of those weeks. Hope all is good with you? Yeah, can you imagine if that whole photoshopping him into my bed actually worked? The range of emotions that would play across my wee face before I settled on pure lust and just launching myself. hahahaha Poor, poor man.
      Glad you enjoyed this Winter wallpaper – it’s Vanity Fair edits tomorrow….hope they put a smile on your face!! 🙂 Take care.

  6. Wow ! OMG I just found out that you are from Scotland !!! Squeeeeeeh ! For many years I’ve been drawn to, kind of obsessed with, your country !!! And like you, I have also an obsession with Rob, and I’m old enough to know better, but hey ! He may be way too young for me, but I don’t feel too old for him !!! bwa ha ha ! *sigh* one’s body may age, but the hearth doesn’t… And joke aside, I respect him oh so very much, and I wish him a long and beautiful life… Again, bye bye from Montréal 🙂

    • Hello Lynda!! Thank you for your wonderful comments, you are very kind and I really do appreciate them. SO happy to hear you are enjoying my creations *big grin* Everything you say makes perfect sense – it’s always great to hear from someone who feels the same way about Rob. We might joke around a lot but we respect him so much and want the very best for him – you put it very well. 🙂
      Have you been to Scotland before or have you been admiring it from Montreal? Just curious. I love Canada….have been lucky enough to visit Toronto and Vancouver but not for a few years now sadly. Anyway, take care and thanks again. *hugs*

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  8. Believe me or not I was just about to ask you if you’re planning to do some christmas arts. And know I come home and see this. o.o This is so pretty. So hello new destop. 🙂 I love the background and that his arms are so dark. It looks like he just came back from some sort of summer holidays (with me^^ xD) and can use some snow to cool down. He’s so hot that the snow melts the moment it touches his skin. o___o Ah I better stop. I have way too much fantasy…

    • Hi Syl! 🙂 I hope you are well? Hope you had a nice holiday with Rob 😉 So happy to hear you enjoy this Winter wallpaper and I love your comment about the snow melting. Too true. hahaha Take care xx

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