Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits

Happy Friday everyone!! 🙂  Click the thumbnails below if any float your Rob-boat.

I’m hitting you with Fallon, Today Show interview and LONDON baby.  Yeah, LARob was started but LondonRob stole my heart and my photoshop screen.  *thud*

This is a ‘post it and run’ job for me today because I have a date with Robward/Thrustward!! *fist pumps* 🙂  yes indeedy, Breaking Dawn is upon us and I will  nervously be venturing in to the cinema in a few hours time to see what Rob’s been talking about these recent weeks. o.O  And then I think I’ll be lying down in a darkened room somewhere for the whole weekend trying to recover from the promotion whirlwind that has been his schedule the last few weeks.  I hope he’s getting a well earned break after today’s premiere!!  He seriously is wonderful with his fans.  There just aren’t enough words really!!  ❤

Hope you enjoy these edits….until next time!!  *hugs* xx


11 comments on “Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits”

  1. OMG !!!!!
    Totally in love with THIS guy !!
    It’s a shame to be sooooo hot !
    See ya ^^

  2. what u don to me ?i cant focus this is wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww Fallen pic great, London primer fantastic, the look on his face on today show insanely lovely one ,i love u so much and im going tonight to the primer in Amman with my brother so i wish u luck and fun like me (mowah)

  3. Beautiful, Jules. Hope you enjoyed BD, can’t wait to hear your thoughts. ( I went back and watched it for a second time and must admit, enjoyed it SO much more. Funny how that works! ) Anyway, we’ve been so spoilt this last month with Rob and all his glory ~ he simply is THE BEST! No doubt you have buckets of inspiration to work with, always look forward to your next instalment! Thanks for sharing with us, as always…..

    • Hi Sue!! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 Interesting to hear you enjoyed the movie even more second time around. I’m currently trying to work out when my second will be 😉 So many great things about the movie, huh?? This Robward was so full of win for me – loved seeing a glimpse of his back….story (what?) 😉 Uhm, yeah so many great things – I felt so let down by Eclipse (screenplay was written from jacob’s point of view right?? LOL) but I feel we got our Edward back with this one. *grins* I’ll see you over at RPAU for more rambling from me on the subject 😉 Don’t want to inflict you to it in several places!! LOL Take care. xx

  4. Gorgeous edits, hon! I’m particularly in love with ‘Fallon Rob’. He was smokin’ hot.

    • Thank you my lovely!! *super big hugs* Fallon Rob is a good call but LondonRob gets me every time….although I’m seeing Barcelona and Berlin Rob and…. wow!! 😉 xx

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