London calling? Breaking Dawn premiere – poster by request

The one I did for Team Pattinson UK

Are you a Robert Pattinson fan??  Are you going to the London Breaking Dawn premiere?   Do you want a big ole’ Union Jack featuring somewhere on a picture??  If you answered YES to all of these ‘questions’ then these may be for you!!  😉

Happy Monday lovelies!! 🙂  So I thought I’d share with you this poster I created for Team Pattinson UK.  The lovely Vicki asked if I would do a little something and perhaps include a Union Jack.  I’m not going to lie – I was pretty excited/honoured/scared to be asked. 🙂  Anyway, the result is attached above – click the thumbnails if you’d like to print off and use.  Seriously, if you are happy to take this to London I’d be tickled pink (that’s a good thing, honest).  I’ve also updated a previous wallpaper – Union Jack Rob is also available for Breaking Dawn duties.

Above all – if you ARE going to the premiere….HAVE FUN!!!!  🙂 xx

(click <here> to see Team Pattinson UK’s post/site)

10 comments on “London calling? Breaking Dawn premiere – poster by request”

  1. I love the two of us !!
    I’m not going to the London’ premiere but many of my friends are…. I’m so jalous ! XD
    But I’m going to a premiere tuesday I’m sooooooo excited !!!
    See you !!! 🙂

  2. dear what a lovely wallpaper r u going to the primer? i hop so i want all Rob fan to see him i know one thing i cant see him but from ur eyes all i can have fun to u all and (clap hands )ur awesome as ever

    • Thank you so much mema! 🙂 Sorry it took so long to reply – I wasn’t at the London premiere but I was happy to see all the amazing photos of the night! 🙂 *hugs*

  3. This is awesome!
    I need this for the premiere in Berlin, too. 😉

  4. Hehe LOVE them honey and was happy to hand them out, the fans were blown away by them!

    I promise to get back your email soon! RL is kicking my ass since the Premiere!!

    Mwah! xxx

    • OMFG!! Look at your new gravatar photo!!!! *jumps up and down excitedly* You got your photo with him. Awwww, that’s awesome. I’m so freaking thrilled for you babe. Sorry to hear RL is kicking your butt – hope things get better for you soon. No worries about email – look forward to hearing from you when you can. Take care.xoxo

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