Robert Pattinson; photo edits post – Experimental Friday

Clicky on the thumbnails below if any float your Rob-boat 🙂 (wordpress seems to have changed slightly so you now have to click again on the permalink option if you want to download) o.O

Happy Friday to you!! 🙂  Hands up if you’re surviving the awesomeness that is Rob’s Breaking Dawn promotion??  I have lost all feeling in my right-clicky-save finger, let me tell you.  Anyways, I’m sure you’ll all have your own favorite moments so far….the Fallon awesomeness was too last minute for me to capture here….maybe next time!  *grins*  I’ve just tried to pick a few favourite photos (hardest thing ever!!!!) and yeah, I really hope you likey.

Good luck surviving the coming week – that goes for Rob too….I seriously don’t know how he does it!!



18 comments on “Robert Pattinson; photo edits post – Experimental Friday”

  1. Oh Sweet Jesus …

    That is all

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  3. God saves the British ♥

  4. Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules ….. are you seriously trying to kill me?!!! I think these are totally my new favourites now ~ I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to blow my mind every week …. and these are all simply divine! Can’t believe you’ve helped Rob immortalize “just the tip”! LMAO

    I have 24 hours of Rob heaven to catch up on now ….don’t know if it can get any better than this ….. although I have a few Rob interviews to watch, so it’s going to be one long, sweet night for me! Not sure how I’ll survive another week of this, but I’m quite prepared to die trying ……! Thanks for sharing, awesome as always!

    • wow Sue – thanks soooo much for your wonderful comment. LOL, yeah ‘the tip’ had to be captured somehow 😉 I hope you’re enjoying catching up on the Rob goodness you had missed. I know I’ve got to go back and grab a few more photos. LOL I think we’re all going to be drooling wrecks this time next week – if this week is anything to go by. 😉 Bring it on. hahaha *hugs*

  5. its a craze month from the first day of it i tell my sister last nigh this month have to much events for Rob.
    as we all say in the beginning of this year this will bee the epic year for him and for u dear thanks (clap hands )this is more than awesome

    • Thank you very much mema!! You are right, it is a crazy time and hard to keep up with all the Rob photos and videos isn’t it? Fun trying though 😉 Glad you enjoyed these edits. *hugs*

  6. Just….WOW. The Kimmel edit is priceless! And that 4th ceremony photo has done me in. ❤ ~Suze

  7. You have amazing taste. 😉 I like all of the pictures. And the colors are truly amazing. ❤ I don't know how many photos I've saved the last few days. And I have to watch so many interviews. I just have the time to download them because I'm afraid to miss someting. xD But sure I miss the one for MTV. 😦 I try so hard to catch everything but MTV is so not fan friendly. :/ I really can't tell you my favorite pictures. I think he looked amazing for the handprint ceremony and Kimmel, Letterman and Fallon. Black looks so good on him. I can't take it. lol And next week. Oh my god. I'll die when he's in Berlin.

    • Hello!! Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment *hugs* It’s been insane the last couple of weeks hasn’t it?? I can’t believe how many photos are posted out there!! And I know what you mean about the videos and downloading them as soon as you can. Why does MTV have to be like that?? Nobody outside of the USA can see those?? What is that all about. Makes me so annoyed!! Anyway, if you know which video you are missing please email me (I have a couple of them!) xx

      • I mean the MTV interview with Josh. It was on Dailymotion but it was taken down before I could download or watch it. 😦 I don’t get that ether. Where’s the sense in making and posting interviews if nobody can the them? Oh and I missed the yes and no game for MTV too.

        • I totally agree – I hate that they won’t share with the rest of us!! So unfair. o.O I’m trying to send you an e-mail tonight….look out for it 😉 xx

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