Robert Pattinson desktop – say bonjour to ParisRob

The one where I attempt ParisRob (le sigh)

Click here to download <1920×1200> size

Click here to download <1368×768> size

I really hope I did him justice – I know a LOT of us were happy to see ParisRob earlier this week.  Fine, fine, fine.  🙂  So here’s my attempt at capturing him in desktop form.  Don’t ask about the background because apparently I’m going through some sort of abstract phase o.O

Hope you enjoy!

Lyrics taken from Darren Hayes’ – “Fall at your feet”


19 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop – say bonjour to ParisRob”

  1. Ooh la la…Paris Rob is parfait. And that is my sad attempt at French. Beautiful wall, hon. I won’t ask about the background…but I love it. 😉

    • hahaha!! Your French is as good as mine then. I used up all my French in the last ParisRob desktop hence not doing anything in this one. LOL! So happy you like it hon. Thank you!! ❤ Will email you laters.xx

  2. i love u :0 u made my day happy weekend dear

  3. Jules this is so beautiful! I’ll take this image of Rob to bed with me tonight ~ Paris Rob is certainly a gift from the Gods! Always love your quotes too ~ thanks for the Sunday night treat!

  4. Hello new destop. I love you. Please stay. xD xD xD
    I love the light on his face. His eyes never looked better. 😉
    You can’t do anything but stare and stare and stare… xD

  5. Le Sigh. There is always something about ParisRob. And that goatee? &^%$#^&% It just makes all the right parts tingle.
    P.S. The lyrics doesn’t help at all. I have been MIA most of the week. Only having the time to lick and save all the new pics. I missed the Friday edits, so that is my next stop. I think I saw most at tumblr, but I always have to make sure. Thanks for the Sinful Sunday. 🙂

    • LOL at the making parts tingle. I hear ya. mwahahaha And yeah, the lyrics can be taken in different ways. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by hon, hope work gets less stressful soon! xx

  6. Jules, I seriously can’t stop staring at this image ….. congratulations on making me completely unproductive since last night!

  7. Jules I love this one. I will get no work done with this as my desktop at all but my boxes will be ticked.

  8. This is amazing. I love him and I happen to love Darren Hayes too! Great work 🙂

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