Experimental Friday does Eclipse premiere Rob

Click the thumbnails to download if you likey!!

So, one year and a day I’ve been blogging.  It’s ok – I won’t do that every post 🙂  As I perused my Rob photo folders (it’s a tough job but we all have to do it, right?? ;)) I thought it was about time I visited the wonder that was Rob in full Eclipse premiere/promo mode….let’s face it, not even Santa rocks the red suit like Rob does (I know it’s more of a maroon colour but work with me here!).  I”ll just let you make up your own jokes about who you’d prefer to fill your stockings etc etc 😛  Anyhoo – I’ve only really had time to experiment with colour and shading – hope you enjoy.  There’s a few from the Eclipse press ‘stuff’ too.  He really is stunning – I know we all know this but I can’t help but think damn, every time I see him.  🙂

Happy Friday!! xx

18 comments on “Experimental Friday does Eclipse premiere Rob”

  1. GUH!! What a beautiful way to start my Friday!! Rob is super sexy in that red suit. OK, so he’s super sexy all the time, but the Eclipse premiere definitely has some of my favorite pics. *sigh* Thanks for these delicious edits my friend, they are most exquisite.

    • I can’t get over how early you must have to get up babe!! o.O Thank you so much for this and I’l thrilled to be able to put a little Rob bounce in your step this Friday. Have a great day. ❤

  2. Jules I’m sure it took a lot of self control not to use the bending over photo *giggles* – these are just stunning

  3. *swoon* Absolutely stunning! Beautiful edits, hon.

  4. Oh god. I can’t take it. It’s to much. :/
    There have to me more of him. Please.^^
    These are so beautiful. ❤
    Oh and happy birthday!
    I know I'm new but it doesn't feel like it. XD

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Syl!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed these – he is amazing isn’t he?? 🙂 xx

      • Yes he is. He is to good to be true. ❤
        Aw no problem. You bring out the best in him. 😉
        Really. He's so great and you make him always look like he's from another planet. xD I mean you make him look good even in the BD trailer. That's so amazing! lol

  5. Finally had time to take a good long look at all of these, Jules ~ definitely swoon-worthy!!! I admit I think ‘damn’ every time I see Rob too! Had to laugh when I found out you’ve only truly discovered/drooled over Rob since April 2010 too ….. were we hiding under the same rock?!!! Just crazy! I must say, you’ve been a lot more productive than me with your time since then …. I just admire everyone’s else’s extraordinary talents – yours included! Thanks again!

    • Hi Sue!! LOL yeah we must have been hiding under that same rock. I will always be grateful to Remember Me because that’s when the Rob light really went ON for me. I liked him before but nothing on this scale now. haha Rob is definitely my muse – kind of crazy to say that but I’m having a blast!! 😉 Glad you enjoyed these edits. *hugs*

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  7. Good lord!!! EyePorn, JawPorn, LipPorn, NeckPorn … this is all too much!!!!

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