Experimental Friday does Breaking Dawn

Well, helloooo!  I admit, I almost gave up the idea of doing Breaking Dawn edits *looks at the abandoned ideas and shakes her head* but here you go – I hope these work for you. I’ve gone with a few quotes from the book and some song lyrics for inspiration (see below for titles).   Credit to RPLife for the Breaking Dawn screencaps 🙂  Hopefully they cover the joy of the wedding/honeymoon and Edward’s struggle/pain dealing with Bella’s pregnancy & thinking he will lose her.  GAH!  I really felt for him. *sigh*   For the record, I’m Team ‘what the hell?did they apply his make up with – a shovel?’ o.O

The song inspiration, sometimes I just hit my ipod shuffle and it’s so obvious when something fits!!  Today it comes from:

“Could I have this kiss forever” by Enrique Iglesias (perfect for the honeymoon *wink, wink*) – <click here for youtube> and

“Where do I go from here” by Bryan Adams (Edward facing the darkest times, thinking he’ll lose Bella) – <click here for youtube>

Happy Friday!!  🙂


21 comments on “Experimental Friday does Breaking Dawn”

  1. J’adooooore ! ^^

  2. Jules … what can I say agree you know what I think about TeamShovelMakeup *shakeshead* but you always make Rob look spectacular!

  3. Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!
    You already know which one is my favorite, but I love the ‘and I was home.’ edit too!!! Perfect!

    Hey Jules, thank you for always lifting my Spirit on Fridays! 😉

  4. dear what ever u made is so great and the songs so great ………….ur the greatest hop u have nice day and fantastic weekend

  5. Love the Edward fix!! Just what I needed. Beautiful edits my friend.

  6. o.g.m. I ahve on owrds. I ma a tuttering emss.
    (O.M.G. I have no words. I am a stuttering mess.)
    I loved the ones I saw yesterday on tumblr. I must go there today and see if the rest are up. My two favs? BD_edit5 and BD_edit7_resolving.
    BTW. where is BD_2? Are you saving that for a special day?

    Absolutely creative, emotion provoking, and wonderful. mwah.mwah.mwah.

    • wow! First off, I can’t believe you noticed there isn’t a no.2 edit – I didn’t think anyone would. 😉 You get bonus points for that LOL! I pulled it at the last minute as I thought it was too similar and bits of it didn’t look right so….I have a gif idea so I hope to post a couple more BD edits (#2 included) soon along with it. 😉

      Really, thank you so much for your amazing comment, I’m just blown away!! I’m glad you enjoyed these – resolving is my favorite and #1 ‘I was home’ too I think *happy sigh* 🙂

  7. Oh BB.
    Not notice?? Pffft.
    I probably spend as much time analyzing and staring as it does for you to make em. 🙂

  8. I’m always amazed how bad he looks in the Twilight movies (expect Twilight). O.O
    I mean he should be the most beautiful vampire of all time. Shouldn’t he?
    But he looks so much better in real life than in NM, Eclipse and BD together. o.O
    Plus he’s so hot in Remember Me and Water for Elephants.
    That’s so wrong with this world? xD

    BUT your graphics are great as always. ❤
    Robward is looking good in most of the stills.
    But the trailer? I'm still disappointed. :/

  9. For the record, I’m also joining Team ‘what the hell?did they apply his make up with – a shovel?’ But these edits are a bee-u-ti-ful distraction. Fabulous work, hon. 🙂

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