New Robert Pattinson desktop; Breaking Dawn

The one where I attempt my own Breaking Dawn promo poster....

Click here to download <1920×1200> size

Click here to download <1368×768> size

So, I hope you enjoy my attempt at a Breaking Dawn promotional poster/desktop wall.  As far as I’m concerned Thrustward should always be used in the promotion of this movie….and that’s what I aimed for with this.  I hope it gives you a smile at the very least.  🙂  Hoping to bring you a few Breaking Dawn edits for Friday’s post….we shall see though!!

Happy Sunday.xx

19 comments on “New Robert Pattinson desktop; Breaking Dawn”

  1. […] Here’s a great new Breaking Dawn wallpaper made by Jules […]

  2. I snorted out loud. The feathers. The back and then the wording. Edward Cullen. Legend. Yup. I am all for Thrustward!!

  3. Oh Jules so so much better than the crap we’ve already seen

  4. Brilliant wall, Jules! The ‘official’ poster doesn’t compare to this. Here’s to ‘Thrustward’!

  5. hahaha oh sorry I just saw rdmickey1989’s new *cough* name *cough* for Edward. Priceless.

  6. wow esta increíble 😀

  7. Great wallpaper! I love it 😉

  8. […] 23 sep Una nueva creación de Jules […]


    OMG! Great Work! A big compliment from Germany.. I shared the Breaking Dawn pictures @ our Page!

  10. Your a genius, Jules! Have had to wait over a week to see this in all it’s glory, but SOoooooo worth the wait! Thanks for keeping us happy, as always!

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